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5 Ways to Welcome Your Wedding Guests

place cards to welcome wedding guestsYour wedding day can be hectic, often without time to welcome and thank every wedding guest. Don’t stress about it; there are other ways to greet and show appreciation to your wedding guests—even before they arrive at your ceremony. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite ways to welcome your wedding guests, and make sure they feel appreciated as they enjoy celebrating your special day:

  1. Make a good first impression. Start with decorations before your guests get to the reception hall. Our favorite wedding welcomes have come in a wide variety of unique welcomes, such as a chalk on the sidewalk picture or unique entryway décor.
  2. sign for weddingCustomized sign. This is a DIY project that can be uniquely you, or a fun customized purchase uniquely designed for your wedding. If you are hosting a wedding with a lot of pearls, make or buy a sign with pearls around the frame and a custom message for your guests. If you make the sign with a generic message such as “Welcome to the newest Mr. & Mrs.” you can even use the sign in your residence after the wedding.
  3. cookies for wedding guestsGifts. Leave little favors at the entrance, or on tables around the reception hall that fit with your wedding décor, who you are as a couple, or a chance to nibble. Create a table with appetizers or sweets and little wedding favors so your guests feel taken care of and part of the festivities. If you have guests from out of town, reach out to them with a customized packet of maps and information about the area.
  4. wedding favorsTake song requests. You can do this either on your wedding day, or before the event. Make your guests feel part of the festivities by asking for their song requests. You can do this on the RSVP cards your guests send back, or in a neat display at your wedding.
  5. Let them know you have their best interests at heart. When you send out your invites, let your guests know about transportation or hotel reservation deals. Another way is to book a wedding venue that has free parking or that is close to local hotels, like 1451 Renaissance Place. Let them know about these great wedding venue perks by including a small printed card inside the invitation that gives them logistical information.

Renaissance Place entranceThe most important way you can make your guests feel welcome is by choosing a caterer and venue that makes them feel welcome. Select a wedding venue with a welcoming entryway that makes your guests feel at ease, such as wedding venue 1451 Renaissance Place in Milwaukee. 1451 Renaissance Place also has an open vendor policy, allowing you to choose a vendor that fits with your wedding theme and takes care of your guests. This elegant venue also has the advantage of hosting one event at a time, making the enjoyment of your guests the staff’s sole focus. If you have any more questions about making your guests feel welcome at 1451 Renaissance Place, ask us on our Facebook page. With years of wedding planning and event experience, we can help you make your guests feel appreciated at your 1451 Renaissance Place wedding—and turn your welcoming ideas into an elegant reality.