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What is an open vendor policy at a wedding venue? (And how to use it to your advantage!)

wedding venue with fall wedding decorThere are a lot of reasons to choose a wedding venue (we’ve listed a few here). One of the lesser known reasons is an open vendor policy; that’s why we’ve put together information you need to decide whether a venue with an open vendor policy is right for your big day.

What is an open vendor policy?

As you go down your wedding planning checklist and research wedding venues, you’ll find that some wedding venues require that the couple use a certain vendor, or choose from a list of vendors. For instance, they may have a certain caterer they require you to use or a list of caterers to choose from.

A wedding venue with an open vendor policy allows you to choose any vendor you prefer. There are some requirements, such as that the caterer has a license, but other than that the choice is up to you.

What are the perks of an open vendor policy?

An open vendor policy can be used to your advantage during wedding planning. Choosing a wedding venue with an open vendor policy allows you to select your favorite vendor (like the caterer that makes your favorite dish the best!) and vendors that fit your wedding budget.

The good news is that you’re not entirely on your own through the process of choosing vendors. If you need recommendations for a good vendor for your wedding at 1451 Renaissance Place, the experienced staff can give you a list of local vendors (i.e. caterers, table décor, etc.) or you can see them at one of their open houses (watch our Facebook page for dates).