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5 Must-Haves You SHOULD Expect From Your Wedding Venue

wedding venue Milwaukee WIYou have every right to set your expectations high for your wedding venue (unless you’re using Uncle Lester’s barn for free!). After all, this is the wedding setting for your big day, and—depending on your wedding schedule—may even be the venue where you say your vows and host your wedding reception. Don’t get us wrong, that doesn’t mean you can turn into a Bridezilla, but it does mean that you should include these five ‘must-haves’ on your wedding venue list:

A full tour

Note the word ‘full.’ You should get a complete tour of the reception hall before your wedding, including the place where you and your attendants would be getting ready. If you want to see the hall look its best, and get other ideas for your wedding, check to see if your preferred wedding venues host open houses. Often, you can find the open house dates on their website or social media site (1451 Renaissance Place announces upcoming open houses on their Facebook page and website.)

Pre-wedding coordination

Even if your event staff is not full-time, they should be open to assisting with coordinating your vendors. At some point before and on your wedding day, you’re going to need some assistance pulling it all together: the caterer coming in, decorating, cake drop off, etc. If you want to select those vendors, choose a venue with an open vendor policy. And if you need assistance selecting and a full-service coordination, select a venue with an event planner on staff.

Excellent service

Whether your wedding venue outsources their coat check or bar staff, or uses in-house staff, you and your guests deserve excellent service on your big day. If you as a couple would like servers exclusive to your event, look for a wedding venue that hosts one event at a time. Once you find the venue, if you have any special requests for them, discuss your requests with them as early as possible in the planning.

A contact on the day of the wedding

Emergencies happen, even on your wedding day. The cake drop off time changes. Your entertainment act needs more than anticipated. This is when it’s nice to have a contact that can be reached at any time on your wedding day—and only one contact.

A reply to your initial inquiry

You shouldn’t have to call multiple times or send tons of Facebook messages to get a response from your wedding venue. Once you identify the area or areas you want to get married in, start contacting wedding venues about your preferred date (or dates). If you want to get married in Milwaukee, contact 1451 Renaissance Place via email or on our Facebook page. We can give you everything you should expect in a wedding venue—and more.