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Milwaukee Couples: How to Plan an Amazing Wedding in 3 Months

There are so many reasons why Milwaukee couples need to plan a wedding in 3 months. They want to tie the knot before deployment. Local Health Department regulations have raised wedding venue capacity (ahem, couples wedding planning during COVID-19). They want to schedule a wedding reception only as soon as they can after a more intimate wedding ceremony. Some couples just want to get married and don’t want to wait.

However, the reason doesn’t matter now. You need to plan a wedding in 3 months (or less)! But don’t stress. These steps, lists, and tips are here to help you get started—and finished—planning the wedding of your dreams in Milwaukee.

Where to Start Planning Your Wedding

Sit down with your fiancé and answer key questions.

With a tight wedding planning timeline, this important first step needs to happen right away. Sit down with your fiancé and discuss some key questions:

  • Do we have a wedding date in mind?
  • What is our style (i.e. elegant, rustic, casual, etc.)?
  • What is our wedding budget? How are we going to pay for it?
  • Is there anyone who has expressed interest in helping out with our big day (financially or with their time)?
  • Do we want a big or small wedding?
  • Who do we want in our wedding party?
  • Do we want to hire a wedding planner? (Professional tip: some Milwaukee wedding venues have wedding planners on staff that are familiar with the site and local wedding vendors.)
  • Is there anything we really want at our wedding? (You’d be surprised at the answers that can come from asking this wedding planning question!)

Get organized.

It’s easy to just jump in and start making calls and sending emails—especially when you feel like you are on a time crunch! Before you get too far, take a step back and get organized. This simple step keeps you on track and ensures that you don’t miss a single step. You don’t want to realize that you didn’t get a key vendor at the last minute.

The good news is this step doesn’t have to take long at all. You can do so with a wedding binder with wedding planning checklists, budget checklists, and a folder for receipts or a helpful wedding planning app. A good wedding planning system helps you track deadlines and expenses.

Contact wedding venues and set a date.

These two wedding planning steps are listed together because they are interchangeable. Some couples set a date and contact wedding venues to see what sites are available on the date. Other couples contact wedding venues to see what dates are available.

If you need any help with these steps, use these tips for choosing the perfect wedding date and these wedding venue questions. The latter is a list of questions you should ask every wedding venue so you can determine which venue is right for you. Once you’ve narrowed down the list of potential wedding venues, schedule a tour so you can see every space. (This wedding venue tour checklist is very helpful for tours.)

The last step of the process is to sign the contract with the wedding venue and confirm your wedding venue. You now have one of the biggest wedding planning details finalized, and are well on your way to planning a wedding in 3 months.

Contact wedding caterers.

Some wedding venues have an in-house caterer, while others have you choose from a list of local caterers. Other wedding venues have an open vendor policy.

If your wedding venue is one of the last two, you should start contacting wedding caterers as soon as possible. This list of Milwaukee wedding caterers can help, as can this list of wedding caterer questions you need to ask as you contact them. Make sure you have a clear understanding of their pricing, cancellation policy, and deadlines.

Place dress and tux orders.

Since you’re in a time crunch, visit your wedding attire stores and rental companies as soon as you have your wedding venue confirmed. By this time, you should know if you need formal attire or are planning a semi-formal or casual event. This is also the time to confirm your wedding party so you can include them in your visits. Make sure you ask if your dress and tuxes can be in before your wedding date; avoid attire that is shipped in right before your wedding date just in case there are delays in shipping.

Start working down the list of vendors.

Now it’s time to start working down your wedding planning checklist and contacting vendors. You can ask your wedding venue staff for recommendations of local vendors or search online for local professionals. As you contact them, be careful about hiring vendors without a business address, experience, good reviews, or testimonials. Here is a list of vendors to contact:

  • Ceremony Musicians & Officiant
  • Entertainment (band or DJ)
  • Florist (for bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, etc.)
  • Makeup & Styling Professionals
  • Photographer & Videographer
  • Bakery (if the caterer doesn’t provide the cake or wedding dessert)
  • Limo/Cars/Transportation

Start a wedding website and mail invites.

Once you’ve nailed down all the big details, it’s time to go public! You can create a wedding website and order invites as soon as you’ve confirmed the venue and set a schedule for the day. (Typically, this is done after you’ve confirmed the venue, caterer, and entertainment.) This guide to creating an excellent wedding website gives you a list of details to include on social media or on a website.

From there, it’s time to look into getting a marriage license and confirm details with all your vendors. You’ll also need to plan your rehearsal dinner and honeymoon. While the wedding planning process may seem long, keep your eye on the prize: a wonderful marriage and wedding day.

Wedding Planning Tips

  • Consider choosing a weekday or less popular day for your wedding (i.e. Thursday, Friday, Sunday, etc.) You have a better chance of finding an available wedding venue and wedding vendors on short notice.
  • If you divide up the items on your wedding planning checklist, give your friend or family members set deadlines to ensure that every item is completed.
  • Always let wedding venues know if you need the space for the wedding ceremony and reception. Look for venues with multiple spaces so guests don’t need to wait too long for take-down and set-up between the ceremony and reception.
  • If shipping is a concern, purchase wedding attire straight off the rack so you don’t have to wait. Contact seamstresses right away if alterations are needed.
  • Consider choosing a Milwaukee wedding venue with an event planner on staff. These planners know the venue intimately and are familiar with local vendors, making planning smooth and easy when you’re wedding planning in a hurry.

FAST Wedding Planning Tips: Get Married in 3 Months (or Less!)

bride and groom at wedding reception planned in short timeApril Fool’s Day. An anniversary. Health. A deployment.  There are a lot of reasons why couples want to skip the long planning process and head down the aisle only 3, 4, 5, or 6 months (or even less!) after the engagement. If you’re one of those couples, let’s cut to the chase: use these tips to plan a beautiful wedding in as short amount of time—or as long—as you want.  (It is possible!)

Get organized.

Budget. Guest list. Venues. Invitations. You have a lot of wedding planning ‘musts’ to tackle quickly, so get a jumpstart on your wedding planning checklist.  Use these tips so you can stay on top of all your wedding planning tasks and know exactly what needs to be done and by when.  Set clear deadlines so you can check each item off and move on to the next fun step of wedding planning.

Make it a team effort.

If you don’t want to feel overwhelmed, divide up your wedding planning checklist among you, your fiance, and any other dependable friends or family member.  Make sure you let your family members know when you need each wedding task completed or hire a wedding planner who can devote their time to making your vision come true (quickly).  If you have the wedding ceremony all planned out, choose a wedding venue with an event planner on hand that can coordinate all the details of your wedding reception into a memorable night.


Since you have a lot to do, make sure you don’t get so caught up in small details that you don’t get a chance to complete what needs to be done.  Put simply: don’t get so worried about the design of the place cards and delay hiring your wedding entertainment.  Choose what matters most (to you and your guests) and get started on those details first while you have time.  Other (less significant) details can be done later when (and if) you have time.

Don’t procrastinate.

Time is of the essence; now is not the time to procrastinate.  Get started as soon as you have the date (or time of year) set in stone.  If you don’t have the exact date set in stone, contact potential venues with a month and ask them for available dates.  This is a surefire way to get the venue you want during the time of the year you want to get married in; and to get two (VERY) important details nailed down so you can move on to the next wedding planning task.

Plan your wedding for a less popular day.

If you really want to get a premiere wedding venue, consider getting married on a weekday or on a less popular weekend day (brunch on Sunday, Friday evening, etc.).  Not only can you usually get a discount on your venue, you are also more likely to get the venue with one call.

Get your invites out fast.

You still have time to send out invites, but you need to act fast.  Book your venue, ceremony site, and date right away so you have all the important details you need for the invites.  To speed up the RSVP process, give your guests an electronic option (i.e. email, wedding website, etc.) that can give you numbers as soon as possible.

Buy a dress that you don’t have to order.

Most wedding dress shops tell you to order six months in advance to make sure your dress (and the bridesmaid dresses) arrive in time for your big day.  If you don’t have six months, ask your local dress shops for options that are available off the rack.  These dresses are usually more budget-friendly, and (most importantly) ready for immediate alterations.  If you are concerned that your bridesmaid dresses won’t share the same dye lot off the rack, consider having your bridesmaids purchase different color dresses in different styles (i.e. jewel tones, spring colors, black & off white, etc.) for a distinctive and sweet look.

Find vendors that check off a lot of boxes.

If you want to cut down on the number of wedding tasks you need to check off the list, look for “package deals.”  For example, look for a wedding venue that can be both a ceremony and reception site or a company that offers several wedding entertainment options.  As satisfying as it is check off the boxes on your wedding checklist, make sure you still are getting quality wedding services.  The result: a fantastic wedding day that everybody’ll swear took years to plan.