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6 BIG Wedding Planner Myths Explained

wedding reception planned by venue wedding planner

Wedding planning has a reputation for being overwhelming—and deservedly so. There are so many wedding planning details to coordinate, and so little time. A wedding planner can be a great addition to a wedding planning team (especially when time and a lack of expertise are the problem!), but many couples hesitate because they believe some of the most common myths about hiring a wedding planner.

Admittedly, some wedding planners fit the stereotypical mold. They only cater to the rich and famous. As event planners ourselves, though, we are here to tell you that not all wedding planners fit that one-size-fits-all mold. That’s why we’re going to shed some light on some particularly erroneous wedding myths.

Myth: Wedding planners are only available to plan the entire wedding.

Couples who want control, this explanation is aimed at you. Wedding planners can plan as much—or as little—as wanted and needed. If you want to take the reigns over some aspects, make sure that there is an open line of communication and clear deadlines set.

For couples who want to use a certain vendor, select a wedding venue with an open vendor policy; this policy allows couples to use any vendor they prefer (instead of choosing required vendors off a list-more information on choosing vendors can be found here).

Myth: It’s too expensive to hire a wedding planner.

They say time is money, and that phrase is never more true than when wedding planning. Many couples believe that do-it-yourself wedding projects are always cheaper; the reality is that this misperception is not always true.

The phrase also applies to wedding planners. The value of the wedding planner is in their expertise and time-saving skills. Wedding planners can save couples time, allowing them to meet their professional and personal obligations.

Myth: Wedding planners only work with couples with huge budgets.

Unlike the wedding planners on television, not all wedding planners only cater to the rich and famous. Wedding planners are available for busy couples with budgets of all sizes, and can be an enormous help when coordinating vendors and wedding details.

Myth: My friends are just as good as a wedding planner.

We’re not disputing that your friends have “mad” skills. It can be awesome to have friends who can help with do-it-yourself projects and de-stressing (we’ve put down a few suggestions for local de-stressing ideas here). However, relying on friends for wedding planning can also be a huge mistake with a high degree of risk.

As well-meaning as your friends are, many times you’ll find that they want to plan their wedding (not yours!) which can lead to an unpleasant exchange (or many unpleasant encounters). Unless your friends are professionals, using them to plan your wedding can lead to missed deadlines and no back-ups to fill in during an emergency. A wedding planner has the expertise to select the right local vendors and handle any last-minute problems that might come up.

Myth: Wedding planners don’t listen to couples’ preferences.

It’s a wedding planner’s job to plan a wedding as unique as the couple. Select your wedding planner carefully; look for an experienced planner who can turn your vision into reality. If you want a planner that is familiar with your venue, hire the venue wedding planner. A venue wedding planner is intimately familiar with your wedding reception space (and ceremony, if you choose a venue with space for both) and local vendors in all price ranges and styles.

Myth: I can’t use my favorite vendor if I hire a wedding planner.

A wedding planner may take over wedding planning, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your favorite caterer, photographer, florist, or videographer. If you have a favorite vendor, tell your planner your preference as soon as possible so they can choose a vendor that allows your preference. At some venues, couples have to choose from a required list of vendors. Venues with an open-vendor policy allow any reputable vendor to come into their facility.

Should you use a wedding planner?

elegant historic wedding venueWedding planning. For some couples, just the phrase can stir up feelings of dread while others look forward to the process. No matter which side of the coin you’re on, many a couple has found the answer to navigating through the process: a wedding planner. Obviously, it’s up to you to decide whether a wedding planner is right for you, but there’s no denying that a wedding planner brings three clear advantages to the wedding planning process.

Expertise & Connections

No matter how much you know about wedding planning, there is no doubt that there is a level of expertise that a wedding planning brings to the table. If you want a wedding planner that is intimately familiar with local vendors and your venue, consider hiring a wedding planner at your venue. From tying all the details together to knowing just the right vendor that fits the budget, a wedding planner has the expertise and connections that make your vision a reality—or make your big day better than you ever imagined.


If you’re a couple strapped for time, a wedding planner is the answer to your quandary. Planning your special day takes time (a lot of time). A wedding planner can check items off of your wedding checklist with as little—or as much input—as you can give. If just the thought of relinquishing control of the day you’ve dreamed of for years gives you hives, remember that wedding planners can manage as many details as you request in the way you request. Hiring a wedding planner doesn’t mean you have to hand over every detail of your big day; to the contrary, it gives you a partner in the process who can do the legwork and give input.

Problem Solving

Wedding planners are a constant throughout the wedding process and on your wedding day. Working with a wedding planner gives you one person to contact from the beginning of your wedding planning until you’ve collapsed at the end of your wedding day (and even after). That means that if you encounter any issues at any time—even on your wedding day—you have a wedding planner familiar with every detail and vendor and can troubleshoot (and, if you book a wedding planner at your venue, knows your location intimately).