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Wedding Décor on a Budget: Decoration Tips that Save Funds

wedding reception with MR & MRS letters after wedding planning has started

Budgeting for the right wedding venue, dress, catering, photographer, videographer…it can seem like you don’t have any funds left after you’ve made all the big wedding planning decisions (like wedding décor!). Use these decisions to make the most of those wedding décor dollars and put together a beautiful wedding reception (on a budget!).

Choose a venue that doesn’t need a lot of décor.

If you want to make a statement at your wedding without dropping a lot of moola, make a concerted effort to find a wedding venue that doesn’t need a lot of décor. Depending on your vision, look for a building with the architectural details that make an impact. For an elegant wedding, look for sophisticated and stylish building details. If you’re planning a vintage wedding, search for history in every corner (a historical story, architecture, etc.)

Allocate your budget dollars accordingly.

As much as you might enjoy purchasing items for all those little touches, setting a wedding budget now can help you keep a lot of perspective later. Put simply, make sure you spend your dollars on the items that mean the most (i.e. wedding dress, centerpieces, etc.) so you have money for the items you need the most (and make the biggest impact).

Ask the pros for money-saving options.

You hired the experts. Use them. Ask your wedding planner (for a one-stop, hire the event planner at your venue) for recommendations of décor that can make a big impact without a big price tag. Your wedding planner may be able to make suggestions, such as high impact centerpieces or a way to minimize the amount of décor needed.

Look for deals.

Packaged deals, sale items, repurposed items from a local sale site. There are a lot of ways to save money on wedding décor—if you look for them. Keep your eyes peeled for items that other brides and grooms don’t need any more that you can use (i.e. chalkboards, centerpiece items, wedding games, etc.) and deals from your favorite wedding vendors.

Don’t assume that DIY is always the cheapest.

It’s natural to assume that do-it-yourself projects are easier on the budget than bought items, but proceed with caution. Sometimes you can find vendors that can do the project more affordably (tips for your search for wedding vendors here). With a little bit of research and some strategic choices (like the venue), you can coordinate the wedding of your dreams.