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9 Ideas That Make Your Wedding Day Run Smoother

smooth running wedding day at a reception hall with bride and groom dancingWho doesn’t want a smooth-running wedding day?  While you can’t control the tacky dress your cousin wears or your father-in-law’s horrible toast, there are steps you can take to make your special day run as smooth as glass.

Be prepared.

Put money for vendors due on your wedding day in envelopes with their names on it.  Pack an emergency kit for any issue that could come up (i.e. rips, stains, unexpected weather, health issues, etc.)  Being as organized as possible now can save you a load of headaches later (or a headache if you pack aspirin in your emergency kit).

Ask for help.

You don’t have to handle every crisis and make sure every pin is in place on your big day.  Delegate tasks to family and friends that can help make your day run smoother, such as lining up the appropriate parties for photos and passing out payments.  Just remember, that your day is supposed to be a happy occasion; don’t ruin someone’s day by barking orders (which also makes your day more stressful).

Pass out a schedule.

Compile a full schedule in advance and send it out to EVERYONE once it is finalized.  Use this theory for every communication: keep everyone in the loop to prevent misunderstandings and having to text and answer phone calls every few minutes.

Budget extra time into your schedule.

As much as you want your wedding day to run like clockwork, set your schedule like it won’t.  Add time over and above what you need to allow for hiccups, extra photos, and other “happenings” that might come up (hopefully all positive ones!).

Keep a list of vendors and phone numbers close at hand.

This is a safeguard that you’ll hopefully never need, but one that becomes invaluable when you need to get in touch with a soloist, photographer, venue contact, or other vendor in a pinch.  At the very least, add your vendors and their cell phone numbers to your phone; at the most, make a paper and digital list so you can get in touch with them quickly.

Have one contact at your wedding reception.

Obviously, this is not a ‘must’ but it sure makes life easier when you have one contact for questions and requests during your wedding reception.  Hire a wedding planner or hold your wedding at a venue where there is one contact in charge of all your reception details.

Don’t skip your final vendor meetings.

Make sure you keep all your final meetings with your venue, photographer, caterer, and any other vendor you’ve hired to make your big day special. This is your opportunity to confirm and adjust any final details that play a big part in your wedding day events and budget.  Use these tips for your final meeting with your wedding venue, and don’t be afraid to ask questions to make sure every detail is perfect.

Accept that things could go wrong.

The cake doesn’t come on time.  The DJ gets sick.  These kind of wedding crises happen all the time, and your wedding may not be immune.  Accept that not everything may be perfect on your big day, but that it’s the start of a perfectly wonderful union that’s more important than one day.  A little perspective can guide you through even the roughest of situations on your wedding day.

Relax and enjoy yourself.

Don’t get so worried about the day that you can’t enjoy yourself.  Relax and have fun!