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How to Get the Most From Decorating Banquet Halls, Milwaukee

Every couple deserves a beautiful wedding. The perfect dress, decorations, and banquet hall are a must. Don’t let your budget or anything else stand between you and your flawless day.

The halls for rent in Milwaukee offer some of the best historic venues for a wedding or anniversary celebration.

Read more to find the best banquets halls Milwaukee has to offer and learn how to decorate them for a magical reception.

Banquet Halls, Milwaukee

The best Milwaukee wedding hall is the Renaissance Place. Look no further for a full-service venue that can accommodate up to 400 guests. There’s an ample dance floor that your guests are sure to love.

Cheap banquet halls in Milwaukee, WI are easy to find. We provide simple elegance for your wedding and anniversary venues.

We also have a lovely reception space for exchanging vows. Work with our experienced coordinators to plan your perfect celebration.

Vintage Wedding Trends

Once you’ve picked your venue, you’ll have to decide the best way to decorate it. Vintage weddings are very trendy this year. Halls in Milwaukee are great for couples planning a vintage wedding.

Retro containers and mason jars make for great centerpieces. Go to yard sales and find all the old-fashioned teapots, jars, and pottery you’ll ever need. Add some wildflowers for a whimsical style.

If you’re good at crafts and sewing, making your own garlands creates a fun vintage look. There are many tutorials, and don’t forget to choose colors that match your theme.

Minimalist Wedding Trends

Minimalism is a decorating trend that incorporates clean lines, simple shapes, and soft colors. One great thing about minimalism is how well it works with other styles.

When decorating, you should remember that it’s all about the lack of luxuries. That doesn’t mean low quality.

White is a popular color in minimalism. It’s usually paired with gray, but there are other options. A modern take pairs white with more rustic elements like greenery and wood colors.

Finishing Touches

Once you’ve picked your wedding theme, you have to choose the finishing touches. Halls for rent in Milwaukee will work with you to make sure your last touches are perfect.

A new trend that emerged recently is welcome bags. They’re similar to wedding favors. They are typically for making your guests comfortable during the ceremony.

Flowers take up a large part of most couples’ wedding budgets. That’s because they set the tone almost as much as your venue. In 2022, monochromatic colors for flowers is the trend.

Wedding arches are common this wedding season. The simple elegance blends well with a minimal style.

Curtain string lights work well for both outdoor and indoor venues. They look best in winter. They create a magical setting that will look great in photos.

Start Planning Your Wedding with Us

For couples looking for banquet halls, Milwaukee has some of the finest. At the Renaissance Place, we are a full-service facility. Look no further for a historic and elegant wedding hall where you are sure to have a memorable time.

For more information, contact us today!

Wedding Venue Checklist

outside rennaissance place a beautiful wedding venueYour wedding venue is one of the most vital (if not the most important) parts of your wedding day, so why should your process to choose the right venue be haphazard? No, the search for the right wedding venue should be organized (other tips for organized wedding planning here) so you don’t end up spending all your money on your venue (with no money for a dress!) or choosing a wedding venue that’s way too big. Are you on the search for the perfect site for your big day? Use this wedding venue checklist to find the right wedding venue that you can say, “I do” to (and use as the foundation as you coordinate all your wedding details!).

__Cost – what is the total cost of the venue (i.e. watch for overtime fees, extra costs.etc.)?

__Date – is the venue available on my wedding date OR what dates are the venue available?

__Handicap access – does the venue have access for any of your guests with special needs?

__Location – is the venue in the area you want? How far is the venue from your ceremony site?

__Planning does the venue have a wedding planner on staff that can assist me?

__Parking – does the venue have parking space that your guests don’t have to pay a fortune for?

__Reviews – what do other couples say about the venue? Are there a lot of complaints about the staff? (Tip: check their social media reviews.)

__Size – can the venue hold the amount of guests on my estimated guest list?

__Space – does the venue have all the spaces you need for your wedding (i.e. ceremony space, changing rooms, etc.)?

__Staff – does the venue provide the staffing you need for your wedding? Or do you need to find staff for your big day?

__Style – does the style of the venue fit with our style?

__Vendors – does the venue require that you use certain vendors? Or does it have an open vendor policy?

__Viewingwhen can I see it? Can you envision your wedding there?