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3 Unique Valentine’s Day Wedding Themes that Fit You

cake with flower petalsHave your heart set on a Valentine’s Day wedding but want a unique theme to accent your special day? We’ve got some ideas that can really play up your Valentine’s Day wedding with a unique theme that is completely, uniquely you:

Love Dove Valentine’s Day Wedding

Invitations: Think birds, feathers or any play on your love dove theme.

Accents: Use feathers in your centerpieces, wedding dress, bouquets (even your hairpiece!) and décor to show that “birds of a feather flock together.” Create a sign or short video with that title with photos of your time together for display.

Food ideas: Cupcakes that look like birds or a cake with a tree design play up your love bird theme.

Centerpieces: Trees with branches (which you can use to put favors on) for centerpieces decorated with your colors, decorated bird cages or vases with tree branches (either neutral or with sparkle) all play up your love bird theme.

Colors: Though the traditional colors of Valentine’s Day are red, white and pink, your love bird theme gives you a bit of leeway. Consider white doves and gold or silver branch decorations for a neutral palette or a burst of color with a peacock themed reception hall with blues and greens.

cake with windowClassic Love/Vintage Valentine’s Day Wedding

Preparation. For a classic love or vintage theme, think through what specific tone you want to set.  Are you a couple in love with a specific era? Or do you want to give your wedding a classic, elegant (think Jackie Kennedy or Grace Kelly) feel? Would you like to fashion your wedding around an antique or motorcycle? Or do you want a classic theme that demonstrates your love will last throughout time?

Invitations. Depending on what era or specific tone you want to set, consider an invitation that shows your love can last through the ages by finding a vintage invitation. The look of lace on an invitation can give your wedding a classic, elegant feel, or an invitation with a classic car. If your wedding is set in a specific era, find invitations with a faded look for an old-time feel or a peppy sock hop feel that matches your preference. Vintage wedding items are very hot right now, so take your pick from many options.

Centerpieces/table: Choose a reception hall that is traditional and historical or a neutral background for your vintage reception, such as 1451 Renaissance Place. Think lace tablecloths with a touch of a vintage color (for a Valentine’s Day touch use faded red or pink), or a clean, neutral palette for your décor with red or pink accents. Use daisies, small lamps or flowers to really capture the feel of your chosen era. Depending on your chosen era, pearls can give your cake and reception hall a classic feel.

How to bring Valentine’s Day in: Color and hearts will bring your Valentine’s Day date in to your wedding. You can also highlight your Valentine’s Day in your dessert choices and favors.

10632619_10152731218526803_2716563146322134270_nLove that shines

Invitations. Think bling, silver or gold for your invitations and wedding décor. Look for invitations with foil, crystal, diamond and metallic accents to give your guests a preview of the glow of your reception.

Centerpieces. Lighted centerpieces or candles with (red?) crystals can set the lighting with a unique glow your guests appreciate.

Food: Choose a cake or desserts with crystal accents, and place settings that match.

Décor & accents: Choose crystals, candles and uplighting that accents your romantic glow. Use metallic accents to reflect and give your reception a soft shimmer. Highlight your special day with your name in lights, or uplighting behind your names or Mrs. & Mr. letters.

If you want a Valentine’s Day wedding, contact your ideal reception hall as soon as possible. Because of the popularity of the holiday, ceremony sites and reception halls’ calendars fill up fast. Once you have your wedding venue reserved for your Valentine’s Day wedding, use one of these themes to turn your romantic Valentine’s Day theme into a beautiful, elegant Valentine’s Day reality.

5 Traditional Valentine’s Day Wedding Ideas

cake with window
Looking for a traditional Valentine’s Day wedding? Choose one of Milwaukee’s premier historic venues for your wedding.

Whether you got engaged on Valentine’s Day, met on the most romantic holiday of the year or just hold February 14th near and dear in your heart, a Valentine’s Day wedding is a unique opportunity to celebrate the bond that got you there. And though Valentine’s Day is celebrated by millions, your interpretation of Valentine’s Day is entirely your own. If your view of Valentine’s Day is traditional, start your wedding planning process with five traditional elements:

Theme. Valentine’s Day may be your theme, but the tone of the theme is your decision. Though the traditional colors of Valentine’s Day are red, white and pink, it’s your decision how you want to use those colors.  Want a classic look? Think lace accents. A modern, elegant theme? Use silver, gold or crystal accents throughout the hall to make your reception shine.

Invitations. Your invitations can be full of hearts and roses or can be a simple, elegant heart-shaped invite. Don’t feel confined by Valentine’s Day, but feel free to love-dove it up.  It’s expected. If you find an invitation you love, let it set the tone.  Show it to your wedding planner and ask them to plan a wedding similar to the feel of the invitation.

Colors. For a traditional Valentine’s Day wedding, think reds and burgundy—as much as you dare. In a more neutral, traditional hall, such as 1451 Renaissance Place, you can have red table cloths, chair covers and centerpieces. The sky’s the limit. If you prefer neutral décor, choose ivory or white with red accents to create a clean or vintage setting.

Centerpieces. When most people think of a traditional Valentine’s Day wedding, they think red roses. However, any kind of floral centerpieces—white roses, pink and white carnations, even greens—-can create a neutral, elegant or deep palette that sets the theme for your Valentine’s Day wedding.

The “other” decisions. Favors. Food. Cake. Think chocolate and sweets for your traditional Valentine’s Day “other” touches. A candy bar with Valentine’s Day colored-candy, truffles and a heart-shaped cake set the theme. Heart shaped cookies or cupcakes. Chocolate hearts. Lace doilies as accents. Your wedding reception is the time to play up your theme with traditional, sweet Valentine’s Day elements.

For more traditional Valentine’s Day wedding ideas, choose a reception hall with event planning services. These event planners have experience with the venue, and have witnessed thousands of weddings they can draw ideas from—while still helping you develop new ideas for your wedding day. For instance, 1451 Renaissance Place offers event planners for your wedding planning process—and as your main contact on your wedding day. Having one person as your main contact ensures that the only “fire” not put out at your Valentine’s Day wedding is your love as a couple.