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6 Ways to De-stress Your Wedding Planning

wedding planningWedding planning is stressful. There, we’ve said it. You could elope to Vegas like our cousin did…even then, her wedding planning turned stressful when her mother had a fit about the secret wedding ceremony. Once her mom calmed down, she insisted upon a proper wedding reception to celebrate, which led to…stressful wedding planning. It seems no matter what you do, you can’t get away from the stress that comes with trying to turn your vision into a beautiful reality.

However, there are a few things you can do to reduce the amount of stress associated with your big day. While you can’t force your bridesmaids to stop squabbling or your DIY wedding favors to turn out exactly like the Pinterest pics, you can take a few steps to simplify your wedding planning, and take some stress out of preparing for your big day:

  1. Hold your ceremony and reception at the same venue. Choose a wedding venue that can do both, so you can minimize costs and eliminate the need for arranging for transportation for your wedding party.
  2. Choose a wedding venue with an on-site wedding planner. If you’ve got a busy professional schedule, or just feel that you need as much assistance as possible from an experienced expert, search for a wedding venue with an on-site event or wedding planner. The added bonus of this arrangement is that the wedding planner is from the venue, meaning they know everything there is to know about the venue—as well as knowledge of local vendors and recommendations from what they’ve seen at previous weddings.
  3. Get as much done ahead of schedule. Try to do as much of the wedding planning as early as possible. Another idea: make sure you put payments for vendors, such as officiants and accompanists, in envelopes with their names on it so you’re prepared.
  4. View your wedding as a team event. Ask trusted friends or family members to help with preparations and final details on the day of the wedding. If you choose a wedding venue with a wedding planner on-site, you also have a dedicated assistant on your wedding day.
  5. Stay within your budget, and adjust accordingly. Set a budget amount ahead of time, and keep careful records so you stay under that number. If you choose a wedding venue that gives you an estimate of costs before your wedding, you can also make changes before your wedding that keep you on track with your budget.
  6. Plan some time away from wedding planning. Starting to feel burned out? Don’t be afraid to take some time away from your wedding planning. Take an occasional day at the spa, or out with your friends, as a chance to unwind—away from the wedding planning.

Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. If you feel lost, don’t hesitate to reach out to friends or family. Once you’ve chosen your beautiful wedding venue, contact staff members at the wedding venue for ideas and assistance via email or on Facebook. They’ve got experience with event planning and can recommend local vendors that fit your needs. With their help, you can make your vision of a beautiful wedding day a reality—hopefully without added stress and drama.