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bride above a beautiful wedding reception

Refreshingly Elegant Ideas for a Spring Wedding

Spring in Wisconsin is a time to celebrate—and these beautiful ideas for a spring wedding certainly do that! The snow is gone, the weather is warmer, and you can almost feel the spirits of guests raise with the temperatures. If you’re looking for ideas for a spring wedding that are as sunny as the weather, this list of tips can kickstart your wedding planning.


Choose a venue that makes an impression

The exterior of your wedding venue makes as big of an impression on guests as the weather—-and we can’t control that (especially in Wisconsin!). Couples can control guests’ first impression by choosing a beautiful wedding venue. For an extra elegant spring touch, choose a wedding venue with exterior lighting that gives guests something to talk about even before they step in the door. (Use these tips to choose the Milwaukee venue that’s right for your special day.)

floral centerpiece with tall gold vase and lilies

Look for spring bloom ideas

Floral touches are an expected spring wedding idea, but that doesn’t mean flowers can’t arranged or included in unexpected ways. For a one-of-a-kind presentation, ask your wedding vendors for new and fresh ideas that feel as unique as you are as a couple.

floral bouquet on table with sparkling back drop: outdoor touch for summer wedding

Think green

Spring is a time to celebrate green grass after a long, cold, and white winter. For a new, fresh outlook, couples should look for ways to include greenery in centerpieces or in other décor that spruces up the space—and make guests look forward to the real thing.

couple cutting cake on wedding date

Include fresh tastes in your wedding menu

A spring wedding menu demands fresh ingredients, giving guests a taste of the fresh air and beauty that is to come. This is a time to consider dishes with fresh fruits and vegetables, though couples should be careful to avoid serving too light of a meal that doesn’t fill guests up.

In addition to ingredients, a spring wedding is also the perfect setting for beer and wine tastings. For a truly local feel (along with these other ideas for a wedding with a local flavor), consider adding a tasting station with local ales and wines—ideally with ingredients that are as fresh as spring. Couples can also give guests the same experience by sending home small bottles of their signature drink.

beautiful wedding day after couple organizes wedding planning

Bring the outdoors in

If you truly want your wedding to feel like a celebration of the outdoors, try to bring the outdoors in. Couples can establish this atmosphere with topiaries and beautiful walls of greenery that make guests enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without the chill of a spring night.

outdoor picture of newlyweds at Milwaukee wedding venue

Be open to outdoor photos

Spring weather in Wisconsin can be unpredictable. Some days it snows, while other days the temperature swells—but that doesn’t have to ruin beautiful outdoor photos. When planning a spring wedding, do your extra due diligence by packing for any weather. (Use these tips for preparing an emergency wedding day kit.) A shawl can be a stylish touch in photos or a way to warm up after a stunning outdoor photo. If the weather looks rainy, an umbrella (for just you or for your entire wedding party) can be a perfect part of a one-of-a-kind spring wedding photo.

Fun (and Fresh!) Spring Wedding Ideas

unique spring wedding idea: patterned black and white table coverings with purple pastel chair bowsSpring is a time of new beginnings, and a perfect time to celebrate your new beginning as a married couple. But spring also has another advantage: it’s a season full of fun spring wedding ideas that you can customize to create your unique spring-themed big day.


spring wedding idea: muted purple table coverings with grey sashes and patterned table coveringSet the mood for your unique spring wedding with watercolor wedding invites or a more formal laser cut floral lace feel. Choose wedding invitations that are as elegant as your wedding reception venue and fit with your wedding reception décor.

Creative Floral Decor

Flowers are the first spring wedding idea that comes to most people’s minds. Give your wedding a different take on beautiful floral décor with floating flower centerpieces, such as floating tulips in tall vases, or with vases of baby breath, pussy willows, budding flowers, or cherry blossoms.

Spring Drinks

creative spring centerpieces: roses in metallic vases and small candlesThink cocktails, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, with fresh fruit, ice, and (even!) frozen flowers. Add edible glitter for a touch of glitz to your fun spring wedding drinks, and customize your cocktails and drinks to fit with your wedding décor. The sky’s the limit with spring drinks for your wedding reception: mango, watermelon, or any other fun-flavored martini, lavender lemonade, mango anything….

Color…or not

spring wedding idea: patterned table covering with black vase and white floral arrangementIf you want a more classic look, plan your spring wedding with a very neutral palette with beautiful accents. For a more whimsical, but still elegant look, mix in colors and textures that give your wedding a original and unique atmosphere. Patterned table coverings and metallic vases can give your wedding a subtle and unexpected bit of wedding décor flare.


For fun and traditional spring wedding, outfit your bridesmaids in pastel or very neutral dresses that you can play up with fun spring bouquets. If you don’t have a spring wedding idea: flowers and crystal arrangementset spring wedding color, let each bridesmaid choose a different pastel-colored bridesmaid dress. Tea length dresses are another spring wedding trend that can give your big day a touch of spring whimsy. Don’t let the spring end with your bridesmaid dresses; select a wedding dress that fits with your spring theme, and choose light-colored attire for your groom and groomsmen.


spring wedding idea: uplighting on crystal wall behind beautiful table with spring floral arrangementsJust because the traditional spring wedding vision is dominated by flowers, don’t let that image hold you back from including a bit of bling at your spring wedding. If you want a bit of sparkle at your spring wedding, mix in crystals and candles for very special spring wedding décor. Think walls of sparkle, metallic vases, glass, floating candles, candelabras, up lighting… If you want spring wedding ideas specific to your wedding venue, don’t hesitate to ask your venue staff. They’re here to help with original, personalized ideas perfect for your spring wedding.