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6 Romantic Wedding Ideas You’ll Love

flowers and pink tablecloths in hall at romantic-themed weddingRomance and love is what brought you to the wedding altar, so why shouldn’t it be the center of your special day? Creating a romantic wedding atmosphere isn’t hard, as long as you play your theme up with unique romantic wedding ideas.

Set your wedding on a significant date.

Before anyone sets foot at your wedding, set the tone by choosing a romantic date that means something to who you are as a couple. It can be a date significant to your family, such as a birthday or wedding date, or the day you met, had your first kiss or became engaged.

Choose the perfect setting.

Your guests should feel the romance of the day from the moment they arrive at your wedding. Choose a beautiful, elegant, historic building that screams romance, or an outdoor garden full of beautiful blooms. Set the scene with a chalk drawing, romantic sign, or dramatic entrance for a favorable first impression. We’ve given you other ideas that’ll help welcome your guests in our recent post.

Candles set the mood.

crystal candle at beautiful hall during wedding receptionFloating candles, candelabras, candlesticks…the possibilities are endless when it comes to candles and the effects are beautiful. Include pearl strings, crystals, flowers in your floating candles, whatever unique touch can complete your ideal romantic atmosphere.

Flower petals are a soft, charming touch.

Flowers are a favorite wedding décor choice among couples planning a romantic-themed wedding, and for good reason. A flower arrangement brings a formal and soft touch to a room; when you take that a step further and use flower petals, you get a soft accent that can beautify an aisle or dinner table.

Romantic favors.

If you’ve given romantic gifts over the course of your history as a couple, why not pass on the favor to your guests? Create a favor table with your favorite candies that you’ve given each other, or whatever small gifts you’ve passed back and forth.

Take a cue from the fairy tales.

Nothing’s more romantic than a Prince Charming and Princess fairy tale. Play up the romance at your wedding with fairy tale touches: the glass slipper, crown, fairy tale wedding cake, invitation. If you need more ideas, find your beautiful castle setting for your wedding reception with event planners on staff. They can make recommendations and suggestions that’ll make your wedding more romantic than Prince Charming and Cinderella’s big day.