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7 Ideas that Bring the Outdoors into Your Wedding

outside rennaissance place a beautiful wedding venue for spring weddingWe all have visions of a beautiful outdoor spring wedding with perfect weather (not too cold, not too hot), blooming flowers, sunshine, and comfortable guests beaming at the soon-to-be-married couple. Then reality sets in.  This is the Midwest, people, and spring tends to be INCREDIBLY unpredictable.  One day it’s snowing, the next it’s pouring.  One day is 70, the next 40 degrees.  And that’s not even counting the bugs, mud, and other realities of a Midwestern spring.

It’s enough to make even the most optimistic couple shy away from an outdoor spring Midwestern wedding, but don’t completely brush that vision away.  Instead choose a loft, rustic or elegant wedding venue (depending on your preference) that sets the perfect back drop for your special day (and keeps your guests comfortable).  Once you’ve chosen the setting, bring all those outdoor touches into your wedding venue for a really special indoor and “outdoor” wedding.

Natural centerpieces

spring wedding idea: baby breath arrangements for tablesDon’t understate your love of the outdoors in your wedding decor.  Use centerpieces with natural touches that really make a statement.  Think flowers, baby’s breath, branches…anything natural that gives your guests the natural feel—and fits with your wedding venue.  You don’t want to have centerpieces that have a rustic feel in an elegant wedding hall.  If you need ideas that fit with your big day, ask your venue staff or florist for recommendations.

Floral back drop

A free-standing wall of flowers makes a BIG statement.  Use the back drop to accent your buffet table or in your ceremony.  Make sure that the back drop is anchored and doesn’t damage your wedding venue, which could incur extra charges later.

Go birch or go home

birch containers for an outdoor feeling weddingBirch bark containers and accents are one of our favorite new natural touches, and they look fantastic no matter what wedding venue you choose.  Ask vendors about using them in the décor—and even in your food presentation for a comprehensive natural feel.


Make your wedding day feel like a garden, even when the weather won’t cooperate.  Consider floral or sculpted topiaries for a beautiful, and elegant feeling, wedding décor throughout your wedding hall.  Add topiaries to your front porch (if your venue has one), in your entryway, around your ceremony aisle, and in other strategic places for a comprehensive garden look.

Flower petals

flower petals on cake table: spring wedding idea that bring the outdoors inThere are so many different ways you can use flower petals: scattered across the tables, on your runner as you walk down the aisle, floating or submerged centerpieces…the sky’s the limit.  Flower petals are a perfect, and natural way to bring the outdoors in.  With the right idea, you can give your wedding a natural feel, romantic, and soft feel that a blooming flower can’t.


Get those pictures of glittery Christmas garland out of your head.  Instead picture soft floral garland draped around the tables or across a balcony.

Floral (and green) hairpieces

floral bouquet on table with sparkling back drop: outdoor touch for spring weddingFor a true outdoor feel, don’t just incorporate flowers and greenery into your décor.  Go over and above with floral or green hairpieces that coordinate with your bouquets and décor.  Floral crowns, clips, and hairpieces can accent the bride’s and attendants’ dresses, while enhancing the feel of having a wonderful spring wedding.

wedding venue with outdoor touchesDon’t underestimate the importance of a wedding venue that creates a beautiful setting for your outdoor touches.  No matter how many beautiful décor pieces you add, your wedding venue sets the atmosphere—and takes care of your guests needs (i.e. parking, accessibility, comfort, etc.)  If you have a particular decor vendor in mind, choose a wedding venue with an open vendor policy so you can use that vendor.  For more ideas, ask your wedding venue about ideas they’ve seen in the past or locations in the wedding hall where you can add more outdoor touches.  They know their wedding venue, and can give you the insight you need to make your indoor wedding feel like the outdoor spring event you’ve always pictured.