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5 Stress-Free New Year’s Wedding Planning Resolutions

10632619_10152731218526803_2716563146322134270_nIt’s the New Year, the perfect time to start planning your dream wedding. Make your wedding planning experience enjoyable by making some New Year’s wedding planning resolutions that start your wedding planning off on the right foot, and gives you the wedding you’ve always dreamed of:

  1. Start your wedding planning with a discussion. Don’t dive into wedding planning without a heart-to-heart discussion with your fiancé, and if needed, your parents and in-laws. Ask what your fiance’s expectations are for the wedding, share your vision and set a budget. A short conversation starts your life together on the right foot—by discussing everything together.
  2. Choose a wedding venue that offers event planning. Want a stress free wedding planning experience? Do you feel too busy to plan a wedding? Choose a venue that offers on-site event planners that can transform your vision into an elegant, beautiful affair—and will be there on your big day so you have one contact throughout your wedding day.
  3. Keep the family wedding drama to a minimum. This is often beyond your control, but an open line of communication between your close family members can minimize the drama. If you need to, run everything you plan to say to a difficult family member by a third party so you can fine tune your message and delivery.
  4. Set a budget. Be realistic. Weddings are expensive, even when you tackle as many DIY projects as you can. Once you set your budget, stick to it. Yes, $50 here and $100 over there many not seem like much, but can add up as you plan.
  5. Get in shape. In addition to the physical benefits and great bod on your wedding day, making time for a good workout is a great stress buster. Set a workout schedule that is manageable and enjoyable. If you enjoy dancing, find a good zumba class. Do you enjoy biking? Go on a long bike ride. Don’t over do it—if you don’t set a manageable schedule, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Don’t procrastinate. Procrastination didn’t help you in school, and it sure won’t help in wedding planning—or in keeping your New Year’s wedding planning resolutions. Choose a wedding venue early in your planning, so you can get the invitations selected, printed and sent out. Look for a venue with a great location near downtown Milwaukee with hotels nearby for your guests, and an elegant, unique setting that fits your style. Start your New Year with wedding planning resolutions that you can keep, and that gives you an enjoyable wedding planning experience and a beautiful wedding to start your new life together.