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7 Wonderful Milwaukee Micro Wedding Ideas and Tips

A micro wedding in Milwaukee is a small, intimate affair with big possibilities. There are so many ways to celebrate with your closest friends and families—even if it’s not the large, traditional wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

A smaller wedding—a micro wedding—is also a good option for couples who want to elope or just want a more intimate wedding ceremony and reception. Typically, this refers to a wedding with 50 guests or less—though there is certainly some flexibility with the number! Just like any other aspect of weddings, a micro wedding can be as “micro” as a couple chooses.

Discuss key details of your Milwaukee micro wedding before you start planning.

The first step of planning a wedding is an important one. Before you go shopping for a dress or tux, or set a guest list, sit down with your fiancé and plan the key details of your wedding. This is your chance to talk about your preferred style, set a wedding budget, and answer other key wedding planning questions.

Trim your guest list with care.

For some couples, drafting a short list of guests is easy. Others need to trim the guest list to get to the right number. If you fall into the latter category, use these tips for trimming a guest list. Unfortunately, this process may be stressful, but it can be done by choosing an adults-only wedding (instead of a wedding with families and children), using the 70-15-15 rule, or one of these other methods for getting your guest list to manageable number.

Organize your wedding planning.

One of the best wedding hacks—for large and micro weddings—is to get organized. This can be done with a traditional binder for a wedding planning checklist (with a wedding budget checklist) and room for receipts and contracts. If you prefer a modern approach, any of these excellent wedding apps can help you manage deadlines and store important docs.

Choose a wedding venue that can host the ceremony and reception.

A micro wedding may come with a small guest list, but that doesn’t mean the wedding venue needs to be tiny. Instead, search for a Milwaukee wedding venue with space for the ceremony and reception. It’s more convenient for guests because you don’t have to worry about transportation, plus it’s a great way for guests to mingle. When searching for the right Milwaukee wedding venue for your micro wedding, look for a venue that answers these wedding venue questions and has adequate space for the ceremony and reception. If possible, try to find a venue where you and your guests won’t have to wait for a lengthy set up between the ceremony and reception.

Be creative with seating.

A micro wedding gives you some creative options for almost every aspect of your wedding, including your seating arrangement. A micro wedding is the perfect opportunity for family seating, which can be laid out in an “X” shape or a long family table. For a more traditional feel, couples can opt for sit-down seating laid out in a unique pattern—or opt for a mixture of family and sit-down seating for a modern seating arrangement.

Make entertainment a group activity.

One of the perks of a micro wedding is that it gives couples to plan group activities for their guests. Entertainment ideas like table trivia and dance floor games can be a fun experience when everyone’s playing it together. Even a big group photo can be entertaining (and a great photo to cherish!) Plus, couples can add smaller group activities like yard games, sampling stations, and photo booths for guests who want to mingle and relax with friends.

Choose wedding favors that make every guest feel special.

There are so many wedding favor ideas for Wisconsin weddings, such as wines from local wineries, ales from local breweries, blankets, mittens, candies, and candles. Even hand sanitizer can suit the times. A smaller guest list means that you can choose the right wedding favor that guest love and fits with the micro wedding atmosphere.