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Deck the Hall…Our Favorite Wedding & Party Decor Ideas

‘Tis the season all year long at 1451 Renaissance Place. Not the holiday season, but the season for lights, candles and décor that sets the stage for any kind of party. Every week is an exclusive party with its own décor and dedicated staff member, individually suited for a wedding, company party, anniversary…

We’re honoring these beautiful occasions with our favorite décor that has decked our hall:

  • 310490_10150434622281803_1655992384_nLighted centerpieces. These centerpieces are a non-traditional and beautiful way to set the mood of your party. These centerpieces can be reminiscent of dandelions in the summer, snowflakes in the winter or just a modern touch to your elegant affair.
  • 600458_10151696105381803_1494543194_nBright colors. Colors are a great way to capture the essence of your colorful personalities or the season of your occasion. Done correctly, bright colors can be an elegant touch for a very colorful couple or a wedding with a season theme, such as a winter or autumn wedding. For a winter wedding, think blues, reds or maroon. Summer and spring? Consider green or colors of the beach. Autumn-themed weddings bring the Wisconsin fall colors in. Don’t feel you have to use seasons to bring in colors, just look for inspiration in your favorite bright colors like they did for this party.
  • 10632619_10152731218526803_2716563146322134270_nYour name in lights. Whether it’s your last name with colorful uplighting or your first names against a curtain, this is a spectacular way to celebrate your matrimony or guest of honor. This is your day, and why not highlight that in lights?
  • 10370832_10152659675701803_7128647646510151268_nElegant flowers and candles. Flowers and candles are a timeless classic, with variations that fit the couple or honoree. Whether you want a vintage feel, understated elegance or a pop of color, flowers are a beautiful way to wow your guests as they enter our historic, elegant hall. Another idea: for a vintage wedding, play up the flowers with lace touches throughout the hall.

What will your part décor be at your wedding or party? Draw inspiration from our favorite décor for your wedding or party. Think about who you are, and what style fits with your dress and food choices. If you need more assistance with selecting décor for your big event, contact one of our event planners for ideas. They have experience with event décor, and can get your event confirmed. The calendar is filling up, so book today to reserve your date. The possibilities are endless, and we can’t wait to see how our hall looks in 2015.