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Milwaukee banquet halls

3 Masterful Tips for Choosing the Perfect Milwaukee Banquet Hall

Whether you’re planning a wedding, business event, or another kind of special event, you want the venue you choose to be as memorable as the occasion itself. No matter what kind of food you serve, atmosphere you create, or music you play, the space for all of these will be stamped into your guests’ minds first and foremost. With that in mind, be sure you’re looking for one of the best Milwaukee banquet halls you can find.

Among the many full-service banquet halls and halls for rent Milwaukee has to offer, how can you be sure you’ve found the one that will wow your guests? Keeping reading to find out.

What to Keep in Mind When Considering Milwaukee Banquet Halls

Location always gets lauded as the number-one consideration for any setting, but we think there’s a few more important points to keep in the spotlight. Here are the top three questions we generally ask our event hosts to keep in mind.

1. What’s your budget?

If you’re like most people looking into elegant reception halls, cost considerations are major. Of course, it’s true that you get what you pay for, but you can also find a great cross-section between which venues are cheap banquet halls in Milwaukee, WI and those which offer the amenities you want. Overall, if you go into the process with a set amount in mind, you’ll be able to be true to your needs and find the best halls for rent in Milwaukee that can meet them.

2. How many guests will you accommodate?

Whether your event is the party of the year or something smaller and more intimate, you need to keep space considerations in mind.

Once you know how many people will be attending your event or reception, be sure that you’re looking at full-service venues that are a good fit for those numbers. Many times, the owners of halls in Milwaukee will help you create a thorough floor plan that helps you avoid overcrowding and be sure everyone has an incredible time.  

3. What’s your desired ambiance?

Your vision for your event will play a major role in what kind of venue you select. Historic banquet halls, for example, are going to have a different effect on the ambiance than more modern-style settings. Work with your event planner to determine what kinds of halls for rent would best create the kind of environment you want to have.

An Event Venue for All Occasions

When you’re looking for the perfect setting for your big day, keep 1451 Renaissance Place at the top of your list. Our historic venue is one of the most elegant Milwaukee banquet halls in the area. We can accommodate up to 400 guests, offer a spacious dance floor and ceremony site, gorgeous reception hall, and highly experienced staff, among other amenities.

Whatever you need for your special occasion, our full-service facility can meet your every need to make it a uniquely wonderful and stress-free day. Let’s talk about how 1451 Renaissance Place can be part of your plan. Give us a call at (414) 272-1451 or contact us online to talk details, create an estimate, and book your time with us today.

What to Bring To Your Final Wedding Planning Meeting

wedding day venueYour wedding day is almost here, and it’s time to take months of wedding planning—those final wedding details—and turn them into your dream wedding. If you’re using a wedding venue like 1451 Renaissance Place, those details are finalized in the final wedding planning meeting where we review your final wedding details and turn them into a finalized plan for your wedding day. We start with wedding details such as:

  • Final guest count,
  • Time guests arrive,
  • Whether you choose to have an open, cash or combination bar,
  • Vendors you will be using (caterers, florists, etc.),
  • Wedding day timing (e.g. time of ceremony, dinner, dance, etc.),
  • Head table size and location in hall,
  • Final wedding décor details,
  • Any special requests you may have.

We also ask that caterers attend the final wedding planning meeting, so we can finalize your dinner and refreshments directly. Once all your final wedding details are communicated, it’s time to see the wedding details on paper (the fun part!). We provide a copy of the floor plan and an estimated invoice. While an invoice doesn’t sound like fun, this is helpful for couples on a budget. If the invoice is lower than expected, couples can add in extras they wanted but were concerned about the cost. If the invoice is higher than the budget, there is still time to scale back the final wedding details to a manageable and affordable expense.

The really fun part of this meeting is the sense of relief we feel coming from our clients. After this meeting, the event planners take on the responsibility of the final wedding details. This is our chance to take all your details and turn them into your dream wedding (our favorite part!).