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6 Ideas for your Winter Wedding

winter wedding ideasPlanning a winter wedding? Don’t feel left out in the cold. Your winter wedding can be a beautiful, cozy occasion as unique as our Midwestern winters. Embrace your winter wedding, and play it up with winter wedding details on your big day. Every detail of your winter wedding counts, from your seasonal wedding décor to your wedding dress and favors:

  1. Brides, think wraps. Just because you’re having a winter during the coldest part of the year doesn’t mean you have to say no to that strapless dress. Find a unique winter wrap that keeps you warm and makes you look special.
  2. Embrace your inner winter with a sugar cookie or hot cocoa bar. Offer apple cider, or leave small jars of apple cider or cocoa mix as a favor. Don’t be afraid to play up your winter theme even when choosing the design for your cake, with velvet ribbon, silver pinecones, jewels or evergreen accents.
  3. Don’t be afraid of outdoor photos. Pick a venue where you take advantage of winter when capturing shots of your special day, like a shot on the steps with your beautiful wedding venue in the background. You don’t have to be outside for very long to get the ideal winter shots—plan ahead and talk to your photographer for ideas. Then head outside and get a beautiful winter shot together and with your wedding party unlike any other.
  4. Lots and lots of lights. Capture the essence of the holiday season with strand after strand of sparkly lights, or project snowflakes onto the ceiling. Whatever fits your wedding, make your reception glow like a meadow with a fresh layer of white powder.
  5. Use crystals and glass to bring the sparkle of ice into your reception. Or bring ice—a special sculpture that embodies who the two of you are. Snowflakes with a soft white glitter can make your cake, cupcakes or décor a soft winter sparkle.
  6. Velvet. We’re not saying you need to wear velour jogging suits, but capture the warmth of velvet in your seasonal wedding décor. If you’re holding a holiday wedding, make velvet ornaments for your guests with your names and wedding date on them. Have a wedding dress made of velvet (be prepared, they’re very warm!). Use red or a dark blue velvet in your decorations (perhaps for the table cloths or for chair wraps?) to play off the white, and give your wedding a rich, soft look.

With as cold as our Wisconsin winters can be, your winter wedding is obviously going to be held inside, so choose your wedding venue wisely. Consider 1451 Renaissance Place in Milwaukee, a beautiful wedding venue with an elegant feel, and steps perfect for your outdoor winter wedding photo shoot. If you have any questions about our wedding venue, or ideas for your winter wedding, check out our website or ask us on our Facebook page. If you do decide 1451 Renaissance Place is the perfect spot for your venue, we’ll do everything in our power to make sure your winter wedding is a breath-taking day to remember.

5 Budget Friendly Wedding Venue Ideas

budget-friendly weddingPlanning a wedding on a budget? You’re not alone. Even though you’re planning a budget-friendly wedding, don’t feel you have to compromise your special day, or that you have to settle for anything less than elegance. An affordable wedding is possible on a reasonable wedding budget if you keep your goal in mind. From wedding invitations to the honeymoon, a couple can save money if they think strategically, starting with these five budget-friendly wedding venue ideas:

Shop around for a budget friendly wedding venue. Choose a beautiful, affordable, and budget friendly wedding venue. They do exist in the city limits of Milwaukee, such as 1451 Renaissance Place, which is located near hotels for guests and is an elegant, affordable wedding venue.

Hold your wedding off-season. If you want to stay within your wedding budget, select a wedding date during late fall, winter or early spring. These times is considered off-season, which translates into a budget-friendly wedding venue expense that is less than during the peak wedding months.

Plan a Friday evening wedding or a Sunday brunch. Just as off-season wedding venue rates are reduced, so are dates outside of Saturday. If you want a beautiful, evening wedding with elegant lighting, hold your wedding on a Friday night during the off-season. For a completely different, bright morning affair, plan your elegant wedding on a Sunday morning with a Sunday brunch to follow.

Hold your ceremony and reception in the same wedding venue. If you want to eliminate costs associated with transportation from the ceremony to reception, choose an elegant, budget-friendly wedding venue that has space for your wedding ceremony and reception.

Choose a wedding venue where you can bring in vendors that give you the most for your money. Not every wedding venue has an open vendor policy, so do your homework. A budget-friendly wedding venue with an open vendor policy allows you to choose vendors that fit within your wedding budget.

Don’t be afraid to ask for budget-friendly wedding venue ideas from your venue staff. Staff members can make recommendations that help you make budget-friendly wedding decisions that keep you on track and give you the day of your dreams. Some wedding venues, such as 1451 Renaissance Place, even offer a final wedding planning meeting that allows you to see the wedding venue costs before your wedding day, allowing you to make changes to fit your budget—and to make your budget-friendly dream wedding a reality.

5 Details That Make Your Wedding Venue Elegant

room w candles rose centerpiecesDisclaimer: the best way to make your wedding venue elegant is to find a Wisconsin wedding venue that is, well, elegant. With that beautiful, elegant wedding backdrop, you have different options and details for elegant wedding decor that can make your Big Day the elegant occasion you’ve always dreamed of. Creating that elegant atmosphere is all cake with windowin the details of your elegant wedding décor:

Cupcakes. Once viewed as a child’s birthday treat, cupcakes have now been taken to a whole new level (just look at our Facebook page for a beautiful example of elegant cupcakes). Cupcakes serve as an elegant detail when decorated properly (perhaps in lace, diamonds or pearls?) and incorporated into your overall wedding decor.

10370832_10152659675701803_7128647646510151268_nLace. From a lace wedding dress to lace table coverings, lace details can serve as an essential part of elegant wedding décor. It’s also a detail that can contribute to a vintage theme, and can complete the look and feel of an elegant wedding venue.

Candles. There are so many different variations of elegant candle table settings. Brides can use flowers, pearls, diamonds, lace or roses to complement the arrangement. Candles are a beautiful part of an evening celebration or ceremony decor. If you choose an elegant wedding venue with space for your wedding ceremony and reception, you can bring the same candle décor and soft light from your ceremony to reception.

UntitledPearls. Pearls have long been associated with weddings, and continue to be an integral part of elegant wedding décor. From cupcakes to centerpieces, pearls are a versatile element of elegant wedding décor. Specifically, in an elegant wedding venue, pearls can wrap around your flower bouquets, drape around vases of flowers and roses on the tables, wrap around candles, be a part of your bridesmaids’ hairpieces, cover the first letter of your last name—the opportunities are endless as part of elegant wedding décor.

Diamonds. “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” take on a whole new meaning—and create a list of endless possibilities—as part of elegant wedding décor. Combined with an elegant wedding venue and the right lighting, diamonds can create an elegant atmosphere at your wedding. Diamonds can wrap your bouquets, shine on your cake, gleam on top of a mirror at your wedding reception—really, diamonds can be used anywhere in your elegant wedding décor.

If you want to choose vendors that can create the elegant wedding décor details (such as the cupcakes or cake), choose an elegant wedding venue in Wisconsin that has an open vendor policy. Elegant wedding venues with open vendor policies, such as 1451 Renaissance Place, allow brides and grooms to select vendors that can create the elegant wedding décor details they want and bring them into the wedding venue (as opposed to wedding venues that only allow certain vendors). This policy allows you to choose vendors that can create the elegant wedding décor in an elegant wedding venue that makes all your wedding day dreams come true.