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6 Tips for an Elegant Vintage Wedding

cake with floral arrangement from an elegant vintage weddingThe terms ‘elegant’ and ‘vintage’ are not mutually exclusive; to the contrary, they can be combined into a beautiful and distinctive wedding day. From a Great Gatsby theme to an art deco affair, there are a ton of elegant vintage wedding ideas that can create a unique wedding atmosphere during your ceremony and reception.  Invitations, elegant vintage wedding décor, throwback wedding attire—there are so many different elegant vintage tips that can make your wedding day personal and special.

Start with the invitations.

Select invitations that fit with your elegant vintage touches.  If you are planning an elegant vintage wedding with lace and pearls, look for wedding invitations with those elegant vintage details.  If you are doing a vintage wedding from the early 1900’s, look for aged paper with a historic penned look.

Choose a historic wedding venue that sets the scene.

bride and groom on steps of elegant historic wedding venueNot just any wedding venue can create an elegant vintage atmosphere like a historic venue.  Make sure you still use the same criteria as you would for a modern venue so you don’t make these common mistakes when choosing your wedding venue.  Don’t get so focused on the décor of your historic wedding venue that you overlook important details like parking for your guests, and handicap accessibility.

Incorporate your family history.

If you have any antiques, photos, jewelry or other pieces of family heritage, include them in your elegant vintage wedding décor and attire.  Items such as a antique broach, family photo from your great-grandparents or grandparents, your grandmother’s wedding dress, or an antique chest can make unique and sweet touches at your elegant vintage wedding.

Select a wedding dress and hairpiece that fits with your theme.

So you don’t stand out like a sore thumb in your historic venue filled with elegant vintages décor, choose a wedding dress that plays up your vintage wedding theme.  You can also take this same approach with bridesmaid, groom, and groomsmen attire; consider lace dresses for your girls for a vintage touch, or hairpieces that play up your Great Gatsby theme.  Ask your groom and groomsmen to look for suits that play into your theme as well.

Signs can be elegant and classic.

elegant historic wedding venueIf you think a chalkboard sign is off the list, think again.  With a beautiful frame, or frames, and elegant looking print, any sign can be a beautiful touch of elegant vintage décor—and a function piece that directs guests, gives information, or just says ‘thank you.’

Sweat the details.

Every detail of your wedding should complement your theme, from vintage wedding favors to your lace wedding décor.  To complete the look, choose a historic wedding venue with event planners on staff that can choose the vendors and elegant vintage touches that enhance your wedding atmosphere.  The biggest benefit? They can personalize the wedding to your style, giving you an elegant vintage wedding that is uniquely you.