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6 Elegant Halloween Wedding Ideas

elegant halloween wedding ideasAre you struggling to find Halloween wedding ideas that are both classy and elegant? Though some may think that sounds like an oxymoron, we’re here to tell you that an elegant Halloween wedding can be done—if you use ideas that bring the right Halloween spirit to your big celebration, and don’t send your guests howling for the door.

Elegant Halloween invitations

An elegant Halloween invitation is the perfect way to set the mood for your classy Halloween wedding. Think ribbons, dark colors, roses, Jack-o-lanterns…this is your time to set the direction of your Halloween wedding in advance (color scheme, pumpkin Halloween theme, masquerade ball, etc.) and carry it over into your Halloween wedding décor on your big day.

Trick-or-Treat candy table

Set up a trick-or-treat candy buffet with your favorite candies. Personalize the table with custom-made trick-or-treat bags or candy with your initials or pictures on it. If you want to give the kids something to do at your reception, set up a mini-trick-or-treat right after the dinner and send them table to table (perhaps a timed trick-or-treat to music?).

Jack-o-lantern décor

Set the scene for your elegant Halloween wedding with elaborate Jack-o-lanterns on the steps of your reception venue, down the aisle during your ceremony or in the entry way. How elaborate can you get with your pumpkin décor? Hire an artist to carve your initials, your names, images that are part of your décor—even your faces for a one-of-a-kind Halloween wedding décor.

Costumes for the photo booth

Want to give your guests the ultimate Halloween experience? Put out costumes and props for the ultimate Halloween pic in your photo booth. Think props, crazy wigs, sequins…make it fun!

Candles, refreshments & drinks

Create a Halloween wedding atmosphere with subtle touches in your décor and refreshments. Think fun Halloween candles (or Jack-o-lanterns-see above!), white pumpkins, lanterns, refreshments and drinks with a Halloween flare. Go on a search for fun Halloween drinks that fit the occasion (pumpkin ale, glow-in-the-dark punch or orange martinis, anyone?), and glasses (think glasses with a jack-o-lantern face) that set the mood. For refreshments, don’t get too gory—you don’t want to ruin their appetite!—but have fun with turning regular food into a fun and classy Halloween appetizer (such as mummy wrapped asparagus).

Haunted mansion

Choose a historic mansion (like 1451 Renaissance Place) and deck it out to the nines with haunted mansion décor. Give your guests a murder mystery to solve during or after dinner, and add all the props to set the mood. Hire entertainers that fit with your theme (perhaps as part of your murder mystery?), and give your guests unforgettable Halloween entertainment that they’ll never forget.

Masquerade ball

Turn your wedding into a masquerade ball. Make sure you tell your guests to come dressed for the occasion, and position lots of masks and feathers throughout the wedding venue. This is your chance to keep your Halloween wedding classy with an elegant ball fit for your Halloween date. Looking for the perfect wedding venue for your masquerade ball? Contact us via email or Facebook about visiting 1451 Renaissance Place, the perfect place your elegant Halloween wedding.