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Couples: How to De-Stress Your Wedding Planning

wedding figures for top of cake after wedding budget planningChoosing the right wedding venue. Hiring a photographer. Selecting table décor. Setting the right menu…the list of wedding planning tasks can go on and on (just look at this wedding checklist); it’s easy to see why couples get overwhelmed juggling wedding planning, a career, and a life.

What’s not easy is to figure out a way to get rid of the wedding planning stress when you feel in over your head and just keep saying, “I just want to get married!” That’s why we compiled a list of tips, tricks, hacks, and ideas that’ll help you manage your stress and your wedding planning.

Stay organized

It’s hard to feel like you’re on a runaway wedding planning train when you feel like you’re on top of it. Don’t procrastinate tackling your wedding planning checklist (and use these other organizing tips too), and make sure you have a wedding app or binder to track your progress.

Lean on the pros

If you feel like you can’t connect all the dots of your wedding details, or you have too much on your plate already, don’t hesitate to hire a wedding planner to help with the process (with as little or as much guidance as you want to give). To minimize the amount of calls and emails you have to make, choose a wedding venue with an event planner on staff. An event planner at the wedding venue is already familiar with your wedding venue, and can turn your vision into a reality.

Head to the spa

Don’t be afraid to step away from wedding planning to take care of yourself. Head to the spa so you can feel rejuvenated and ready to take on your next wedding planning task.

Seek out expertise

The right wedding vendors make your wedding planning easier, not more complicated. Use these tips to seek out and choose the right companies and individuals that can make the process easier—and you feel comfortable communicating with (you’ll have to talk with them a lot).


When the weight of wedding planning is really starting to get to you, try disconnecting for a few hours or days. Leave all your devices behind, and give your chance to really enjoy an offline experience.

Go for a run (or bike ride or walk or hike or…)

Exercising causes your body to release chemicals in your brain called endorphins, which can give you a positive feeling—something you desperately need when you’re overwhelmed. Go for a run, head to a yoga class, take a walk, go for a hike, go swimming, or enjoy whatever your favorite exercise is to increase your positive outlook.

Ask for help

Don’t hesitate to ask your partner or trusted friends and family to help with wedding planning tasks. Make sure you give them a deadline, and follow up with them often; procrastination just leads to more stress.

Go on a date (with your fiance!)

When it feels like it’s all too much, and you’re both running around trying to get all your I’s dotted and t’s crossed, take some time to reconnect. Schedule regular dates throughout your wedding planning process—dates where you don’t talk about wedding planning. Just enjoy each other, and remember why you’re going through all this wedding planning in the first place.