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Budget-Friendly Company Holiday Party Ideas

company holiday party decorJust because your company holiday party has a budget doesn’t mean you have to gather around your conference room, eating Chinese food in shifts, and wishing each other “Happy Holidays.” There are still affordable ways to throw a company holiday party, and ways to minimize expenses for your office mates. It’s not an impossible task if you follow these budget-friendly tips for your next affordable (and fun) business holiday party.

Carefully choose your venue

Don’t feel that you have to be stuck in your company building; you and your employees are there every week, so why should you be anchored to the same place for your company holiday party? Choose a holiday party hall with parking to minimize the costs for your employees, and the cost of transportation. Don’t assume that those locations are out of your budget; contact your local party venues first. Most halls are more affordable than you think.

Make your event a luncheon

There are three advantages to a holiday party luncheon: 1) holiday party venue rates may be more affordable 2) you can alternate your front office staff during the holiday party so everyone can attend 3) it’s easy for your clients to understand if you run with minimal staff during the middle of the day. Holding your holiday party as a luncheon also minimizes your guest list, since significant others won’t be joining for the festivities.

Book your company party after the holidays

The holidays are crazy for your co-workers and employees, both personally and professionally. Don’t feel obligated to hold a company party during the holiday season. An appropriate winter-themed holiday party can be held after the holidays when business and personal obligations have lessened, and when many holiday party venue rates are more affordable due to less weddings and other events.

Choose a day that’s not a Saturday for your company holiday party

Most venue and hall rates are the most expensive during the most popular day of the week: Saturday. If you want to save money, inquire about the cost of a hall on a Thursday, Friday or Sunday, when rates tend to be more budget-friendly. To get the best price, ask about several different dates instead of tying yourself to one particular day.

Don’t skimp where it counts but minimize expenses

This seems like a contradiction, but it’s actually more of a holiday party planning strategy. Use affordable strategies such as choosing a venue that doesn’t need much décor or serving appetizers for an afternoon holiday social, but invest in carolers for the occasion or in giveaways or refreshments. Every company is different when it comes to prioritizing items in your holiday party budget, but the goal is the same: holding a memorable holiday party without blowing the budget.