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5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Wedding Venue

When you apply for a marriage license in Milwaukee, Wisconsin you must do it anywhere from 30 to eight days prior to your big day. Fortunately, you get much more leeway when you find a wedding venue and should probably book it about a year or so in advance.

This portion of the process takes time to decide on because so many factors go into it. When searching ‘wedding venues near me,’ do you know what to look for? 

Read on to learn five important questions you need to ask when booking a wedding venue.

1. Available Dates?

Some halls for rent book out fast and do not offer multiple rooms. Always inquire ‘What dates can the banquet halls near me accommodate us?’ Do this early, especially if you have a special date in mind. 

Wedding Venues in Milwaukee often book up quickly during the end of summer and early fall due to the mild weather and beautiful foliage. Other popular times may include:

  • Valentine’s Day
  • New Year’s Eve/Day
  • Chinese New Year
  • Memorial Day Weekend
  • Labor Day Weekend

People also love to choose palindromes, like 02/22/20, or repeating numbers, like 2/22/22. You may want to check in more than a year in advance for any of these dates listed above.

2. How Much Will This Cost?

Pay attention to your wedding budget when booking a Southeastern Wisconsin wedding venue. If you did not set one yet, then do it now!

Track your monthly spending and minus them from earnings. Then add your savings to find out how much you love birds can put into your big day.

Add the amount you and your spouse can each contribute and then add all contributions from loved ones. If you do not know who might contribute, simply ask parents and other close relatives if they plan to pitch in.

Set aside a small emergency fund from this amount. Open a reasonable line of credit that you two can pay back, and opt for something with travel rewards for the honeymoon!

Now, ask around about how much a Milwaukee wedding venue will cost. Rather than simply seeking cheap banquet halls in Milwaukee, WI, choose a Milwaulkee wedding hall that gives you the most for your money!

3. How Many Guests Can We Accommodate

Ask Milwaukee wedding reception venues about their capacity. If you do not know how many people you want to invite, then this number will help you cut down your guest list.

Remember, each guest costs you money. So, start with immediate family and best friends, and then move outward from there.

4. Do You Cater?

Some venues supply the food. Though convenient, this can leave you feeling stuck with meals you didn’t want.

Other venues offer a catering kitchen so that you can bring in the chef you desire most! This allows you to make your wedding completely reflect your unique tastes.

5. How Long Can We Rent Your Facility?

Ask ahead how long you can rent out the facility. Keep in mind what you envision for your wedding and how long each detail will take.

Some spaces rush their guests through, and that works for people who want in and out. But if you want a luxurious night to remember, opt for a space that allows you enough time to add in every touch that will make your night perfect.

No Need to Search ‘Wedding Venues Near Me’

You could pull up ‘wedding venues near me’ on an internet search. Bt this will leave you with loads of work.

We offer a gorgeous space with a chef’s kitchen, an amazing dance hall, and numerous other amenities that will wow your guests and make your night special. Contact us to ask all your questions here first!