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Top 4 Questions to Ask Wedding Halls for Rent

If you’re about to join the more than 2 million married American couples, congratulations. There’s nothing more exciting than beginning a life with the person you love most. However, first it’s important that you host an amazing wedding.

Finding Milwaukee wedding halls for rent is the first step towards the perfect day. Here, we’re going to look at some of the questions that you should ask after Googling ‘wedding venues near me.’

1. Where Are You Located?

When looking into wedding halls for rent in Milwaukee, you need to begin by inquiring about the location of the venue. Your wedding needs to take place somewhere accessible so that all of your guests have convenient access to it.

Make sure to choose something in the heart of the city. You’ll need a place that has convenient parking as well as nearby hotels. Choosing something far from the center of town can cause issues for guests, so you need to avoid these problems at all costs.

2. How Many People Can You Accommodate?

Most weddings consist of around 150-250 guests. Whether you fall into this range or are looking to host an even larger party, you need a Milwaukee wedding hall that can fit your needs. 1451 Renaissance Place can comfortable accommodate around 400 people.

This is especially important because unexpected guests may arrive. People can RSVP incorrectly or bring plus-ones that they didn’t tell you about. Avoid the stress that comes along with additional people by having a large enough location to accommodate them.

3. What Services and Amenities Do You Offer?

The best Milwaukee wedding reception venues offer a wide variety of services and amenities for you and your guests. We offer a lot of different services such as wireless internet, a dance floor, a private kitchen for your caterers, and free parking. Additionally, we offer custom LED lighting that matches your theme and decor.

These are only some of the amenities that we offer. Above all else, we will ensure that there are experienced staff directly assigned to your wedding to help you with everything. Before selecting a venue, ask for more information about these services.

4. How Do Costs and Pricing Look?

It’s critical that you select a venue within your price range. You also want to avoid hidden fees and surprise costs. Communicating with the people who will let you use your venue is a surefire way to make this happen.

Talk with experts about your finances and how much you have to spend. At 1451 Renaissance Place, we’ll assign an expert to your wedding to discuss your budgetary needs. Coming up with a payment plan that works for you is a top priority.

Look Into Wedding Halls for Rent Today

While there are many things to consider when looking into wedding halls for rent, these are some of the most important concerns. Make sure that you hire a wedding location and team that’s willing to communicate about the amenities that matter to you.

We’re committed to making your event a success by hosting it in our historic building and beautiful location. Contact us to discuss our venue and to book your event today.