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7 Tips for an AWESOME Wedding Dance

wedding couple dancing at wedding venueIf an epic dance party is the top priority on your wedding planning checklist, these tips are for you. We’ve seen some fantastic wedding reception dances, and these tips always seem to make a wedding dance a big hit for both couples and guests.

Two words: WOW factor.

Impress your guests the moment they walk into the door. Choose a venue with all the details that leave guests awestruck and ready for mingling and dancing. The right décor, like lighting, signage, and table décor, can put your guests in the mood for a night of serious dancing. If a vintage wedding is more to your liking, complement the historical details of your venue with vintage décor and songs.

Make sure your venue has the power for a dance party.

If you want to host the ultimate dance party with a fantastic song play list and cool lighting, ensure that your venue has the electrical system to pull it off. During the wedding venue tour, ask venue staff if the venue has hosted DJs and bands in the past (as well as these other questions). You can also request information about electrical requirements from your entertainer.

Look for a dance floor Goldilocks would approve of.

If a packed dance floor is your goal, take steps to make sure it doesn’t feel packed. The right dance floor is like the Goldilocks fairy tale: not too big and not too small. A small dance floor can drive guests away because they don’t want to be jostled; a dance floor with room to spare can look empty and unappealing.

Choose a venue with a strategically-located bar.

One of the easiest ways to empty a dance floor is to make guests work to get a beverage. Choose a venue with a bar near the dance floor, or station a beverage station within a quick walk from the dance floor.

Surprise them.

To add “memorable” to the list of words that come up in conversations about your wedding, add a surprise to the wedding reception line-up. Choose a surprise from the list, or come up with a custom surprise that fits you as a couple. A choreographed first dance can make guests cheer, or schedule a surprise visit by your favorite sports mascot (maybe from the school where you first met?).

Be selective about your wedding entertainers.

The best parties are led by top-quality entertainers. When searching for entertainers, seek out quality entertainers who come highly recommended and have experience. Be cautious about entertainers who don’t have a list of clients that can recommend them (from personal experience) or don’t have a contingency plan in case of an emergency.

Serve a late-night wedding course.

If you want to keep guests on the dance floor, serve a late-night course so your guests aren’t heading out for a snack. For a themed wedding, choose a dish that fits with the occasion. If you have a favorite that you didn’t serve earlier, ask your caterer to bring out platters for the perfect dance party fuel.

10 Musts of a Stellar Wedding Website

wedding reception with MR & MRS letters in front of a shiny background at a rainy weddingA wedding website is a valuable part of any engaged couple’s wedding planning toolkit—and a very appreciated source of information for guests! Don’t let the people you want to join you on your special day down. Don’t forget to include any of these important wedding day details on your wedding website.

Logistical Details

The most important detail on any wedding website is the answer to the where and when questions. Include a complete schedule of your wedding day activities, as well as information about your ceremony site and wedding venue. If you’re lucky enough (for both you and your guests) to find a fantastic venue with free parking, make sure you include information about the location of the parking lot. For venues near paid parking, give guests the exact cost or the information they need to give to the parking structure to get free wedding parking. If there is a convenient public transportation option for guests, let them know the specifics that can get them to ceremony and reception.

To build anticipation, take the logistical part of your website a step further. If your ceremony site or wedding venue is breath-taking, include photos and video that make your guests look forward to your big day.

Lodging & Travel

For out-of-town guests, serve as their travel agent. If you have reserved a block of rooms at a local hotel, include information about prices and the details they need to provide when reserving their room. Beyond that information, give them a list of places to stay and specifics about interesting places to visit. In Milwaukee, include delicious breweries, brewery tours, the zoo, local museums, and favorite lakefront spots can give them the local taste they desire.

Registry Specifics

The registry section on a website is sure to be one of the most visited, so make it easy. Include locations for local guests and links for out-of-towners. If you are requesting donations to a charity as a gift suggestion, this is the place for that information.

Couple Info

If you want to avoid (or at least lessen) the million questions about how you met and how long you’ve been together, include your love story on your wedding website. As a nice touch, add a list of the bridal party to your digital site.

Wedding Day Dress

Couples can’t tell anyone how to dress, but you can give guidelines for dress on your wedding website. To back up the formality of attire, include pictures of your wedding venue; your guests won’t think of wearing jeans when they see beautiful pictures of your elegant site. For out-of-town guests, give helpful suggestions for attire if you expect the weather to be extremely hot (or share that the venue has air conditioning) or incredibly frigid.

Adults only

If you are hosting an adults-only wedding reception (read on to help you make the decision whether a reception minus kids is right for you), this is the place to let guests know. For parents, include information about child care services or a “kid zone” that is part of the reception. If you need wording suggestions for this section, use this adults-only wording website to deliver the news.

Cash Bar

Don’t leave your guests thirsty. If you are hosting a cash bar, let your guests know so they have funds on hand and enjoy their beverage of choice.

Social Media Specs (Or lack thereof)

Some of the best wedding shots come before or during the festivities; if you are using a social media hashtag to harvest all those unique shots, include social media hashtags on your wedding website. To the contrary, if your big day is unplugged, let your guests know your preference so they can tuck their phones and tablets away—or not bring them—to your ceremony.

Contact Information

Your guests are going to have questions. Answer them! Include a way for guests to contact you and ask any questions they may have. Hopefully, this step can reduce the amount of questions you have to deal with on your wedding day (so you can enjoy it!).

“Other Stuff”

Got any other information to share? Your wedding website is the place for it. When adding to the site, however, avoid awkward pictures and stories that could embarrass you, your fiancé, or any friends and family.