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Get Organized: Wedding Planning Tips that Keep You on Top of Things

bride and groom dancing at summer wedding reception in beautiful wedding venueStress free and wedding planning. Believe or not, these two concepts can go together (like PB & J!) if you take an organized approach to planning your special day.  Even the simplest affairs can be a big (and sometimes overwhelming) wedding planning task, but easier if you take these wedding planning tips from our pros (literally professional event planners) to heart.

Don’t procrastinate.

We clearly remember the story: within minutes of her engagement, our friend’s mother started pressuring her to start planning her day.  All our friend wanted to do was enjoy being engaged, and she didn’t take it well.

When starting wedding planning—and throughout the wedding planning process—you have to take the same approach: enjoy being engaged but don’t wait too long to tackle your list of wedding planning to-do’s.  Mark items off the list as soon as you can so you know you have all your bases covered.

Use a checklist and a system.

Whether you prefer to use a paper or electronic system of wedding planning, make sure you lay it all out at the beginning of the process.  Use a wedding checklist for the whole process, and make sure you break down each task, like finding a wedding venue.  Booking a wedding venue is a task on your list, but comes with a whole sub-checklist such as identifying your venue needs (more info on choosing the right venue here), vetting each wedding venue (ask them this full list of questions), and setting appointments to see each wedding venue.

Make it a friends and family affair—but set deadlines.

You shouldn’t have to shoulder the endless list of wedding planning tasks alone.  Feel free to delegate items on your wedding planning checklist to your fiance, friends, and family (at least those who have offered to help) BUT set deadlines.  Use alarms on your phone, an electronic organizer, or an app to make sure you can manage all your wedding planning deadlines (i.e. when to submit your guest list, follow up with wedding entertainers, etc.).  Follow up with your family and friends when each deadline comes up (without being obsessive or a huge pain in the you-know-what).  You don’t want to find out about all the tasks that haven’t been done later and have to scramble to book last-minute vendors.

If you’re worried the wedding planning checklist is too long, and you (and your family and friends) won’t have enough time to meet all those deadlines, add an on-site event planner to your list of wedding venue must-haves.  An on-site planner can help you coordinate all the details of your big day and is intimately familiar with your venue so you get a beautiful result.

Be smart about DIY.

We all want to save money on our wedding, but be realistic about the amount of time you have to devote to do-it-yourself projects.  Sometimes the cost of your time (and sanity) outweighs the benefits of the money you save.  When delegating tasks, be smart about deciding what you should take on as a DIY project and what you should outsource.

Take time for yourself.

Wedding planning takes a lot of time, so allocate accordingly: plan to spend at a least a day a week for wedding planning and an occasional day of fun to counteract all your efforts.  Head to the spa, plan a night out with your fiance, enjoy a day with your friends—whatever you need so you have some time where you’re not worried about wedding planning. If you’re organized, it should be easy to pick up where you left off.

5 Ways to Warm Up Your Winter Wedding

No matter how hard you try to make it easy for guests to get to your winter wedding (i.e. choosing a venue with convenient parking, taxis, etc.), you can’t deny that winter is cold with a capital C.  It’s your job to help your wedding guests thaw and feel the warmth of winter (think warm winter evenings around the fire).  Here are some ways you can warm up your guests and make them feel cozy and appreciated.

welcoming wedding venue foyer with warm fireplace

Give them a warm welcome.

Your first chance to warm your guests comes the moment they walk in the door.  Make the foyer of your wedding venue feel cozy and warm.  Choose a venue with a fireplace with a warm glow.  Give your guests the chance to gather and mingle around the fire before they head into your reception hall.

Warm up their hands with a hot drink.

Make your guests feel warm inside and out.  Include a coffee bar in your wedding reception plans, or serve hot apple cider at the bar (don’t forget to offer cinnamon sticks!).  For a sweeter touch, include a hot cocoa bar with all the garnishes: peppermints, cream, chocolate chips, mint, sprinkles, and any other favorite cocoa extras.

1451 Rennaissance Place in Milwaukee with dramatic uplighting and crystal candles

Create a warm glow.

You don’t want your guests to stay huddled around the fireplace all night. Recreate the glow of a warm evening fire with candles, lanterns, and soft lighting.  Use candles on the tables, metallic vases, and crystals to make the light from the candles into a soft glow. Your guests’ll feel warmer the moment they walk in and start to experience your warm atmosphere.

Finish your meal with a warm dessert.

Instead of the usual wedding cake, opt for a warm dessert that your guests’ll love.  S’mores can be perfect for a rustic or more elegant wedding; just ask your caterer to make a warm s’more dessert with a stylish (and yummy) aesthetic.  For a cozy touch, opt for pies, fruit tarts, or warm donuts.

End the night with a favor that warms them all the way to the core.

simple elegant wedding centerpieces with silver vases and purple rosesBefore your guests go, give them something that’ll keep them warm on their way home. Mittens or muffs (think of the old covers that you see in the paintings of ice skaters) can be perfect for a vintage wedding.  Hot packs that your guests can snap and heat are very appreciated when the night temperatures hit frigid.  If you want your guests to keep warm at home, send them sweet wishes with a packet of hot chocolate or s’mores.  For a very cozy touch, give them a personalized throw to cuddle up with on a cold night—just like you and your new spouse will be after your winter wedding is over.