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What is the best month to get married?

circling wedding date on a calendarIt’s the million dollar question when wedding planning: June. September. October. Those may be the most popular months to get married in, but choosing the right wedding date is actually a very personal question with a different answer for every couple.

We’ve seen weddings during every season of the year, and while we can’t tell you what wedding date is right for you, we can give you some factors to consider that’ll help you choose the right wedding date:

Venue Availability. If you have a dream wedding venue or have located the perfect venue, contact the venue for a list of available dates.  Choose an open date that fits your, your fiancé, and your family’s schedule and you’ve got a date and a venue. (If you don’t have a venue for your wedding in mind, use these tips to find the right site for your wedding.)

Special Dates. Choose a date or dates (just in case) that has special meaning to you or your family, such as your grandparent’s anniversary or the day of your first kiss. If you have a specific date that you absolutely have to have, book your venue as soon as possible to make sure it’s available. 

Budget. To keep your wedding on budget, choose a wedding date that is considered off-season (not June or October, ask your venue what they consider off-season) or on a day of the week other than Saturday.

Work Schedule. If you or your fiance is in a profession that has a “busy season,” choose a season that allows you the time to get away for your wedding and honeymoon.  From there, pick a favorite date or ask your venue for a list of open dates that fall within that season.

Family. Ask your favorite family member for their availability and use that date to book a wedding venue that works for you, your fiance, and your special family member.

Season. If you love a certain season over another, such as a love for the fall season and colors or an appreciation for winter colors, open up your calendar to choose one or two months during your ideal season. Use your second (and incredibly important) decision wedding venue to narrow your pool of wedding dates.

Still uncertain? Here is a very short list of the pros and cons of choosing a wedding date around a particular season. If you want more opinions, contact a venue with seasoned event planners who can help you determine the right date for your big day.


floral bouquet on table with sparkling back drop: outdoor touch for spring weddingPro: Spring weddings can be full of beautiful floral décor and refreshing spring colors.

Con: Spring weather in Wisconsin can be unpredictable, so your chances for outdoor photos may be limited.  On very rare occasions, your date may be interrupted by unpredictable weather (like a May snow storm!).


outside rennaissance place a beautiful wedding venue on a hot summer dayPro: Summer is a beautiful time for weddings with lots of potential for outdoor photographs, bright colors, and a fun summer theme with unique summer wedding ideas.

Con: Wisconsin summers can be hot! Use these tips to keep your wedding cool and fun.


Pro: Fall weather can be beautiful, and so can the trees in your wedding photos if you time your date right.  A fall wedding is also an opportunity to incorporate beautiful autumn touches and colors in your wedding decor.

Con: Fall weather is unpredictable. It can be 60 degrees one day and 30 degrees the next, and we’re not even going to mention the wind.


wedding venue with candles, uplighting, and glittery snow back dropPro: Winter weddings can be a beautiful winter wonderland or celebration of the holiday season.  One of the many perks of a winter wedding is incorporating special tastes of the season that your guests appreciate, such as a hot cocoa bar or tasty sweet holiday treats table.  There are actually many ideas that can make a winter wedding extraordinary.  To save money, ask your venue if your winter date is considered off-season.

Con: A winter weather is a bit of a gamble, with a chance of snow, bitter cold, or a blizzard.

20+ Holiday Wedding Ideas

holiday wedding with babys breath centerpieces and cranberry napkinsPlanning a holiday wedding around the Christmas or New Year holiday is a really unique wedding planning process.  Best yet, a holiday wedding can be whatever you want to be: a winter wonderland, a traditional Christmas dinner, an elegant winter festival, a traditional vintage holiday, a festive holiday party with friends and family.

There are a lot of different directions you can take when planning your holiday wedding, and one of the first steps you need to take is to decide what kind of atmosphere you want to set at your wedding.  Once you’ve made that decision, coordinate all the details of your wedding from the invitation to choosing the right wedding that is the perfect back drop for your holiday wedding.  When touring wedding venues, look for building features that complete your atmosphere; for a vintage holiday wedding, look for a venue with historic features.  For an incredibly cozy holiday wedding atmosphere, search for a venue with warm and inviting foyer (perhaps with a fireplace?) and a neutral backdrop for your cozy wedding décor details.

wedding venue with candles, uplighting, and glittery snow back dropThe next step is to choose the right holiday wedding ideas that can tie all the details of your wedding together (or if you can’t, to choose a wedding venue with planners that have the know-how to bring it all together).  To be sure, you have a great list of holiday wedding ideas to choose from, including some of our favorites:

  1. Traditional lanterns
  2. Hot cocoa bar
  3. Cranberries (in vases with floating candles, as décor touches)
  4. Sugared fruit in champagne
  5. Baby’s breath décor (looks like a dusting of snow!)
  6. Red roses (with white for a sharp contrast)
  7. Decorated pine cones
  8. Ornaments (in vases, with candles, as table décor)
  9. Candy cane accents (and for drinks?)
  10. Christmas cookie favors
  11. Decorated Christmas tree
  12. Poinsettias
  13. Christmas wreaths
  14. Boughs (around stair railings, over mantle, down center of long tables, or…)
  15. Sprigs (at place settings, as centerpieces)
  16. Candles
  17. Glittery backdrop (perfect for winter wonderland or backdrop for white wedding décor)
  18. White branches
  19. Shawls
  20. Cocoa or coffee favors (with peppermint or another holiday flavoring)
  21. Ornament favors
  22. Snowflakes (on tables, on branches…)