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5 Ways to Stay Cool at Your Summer Wedding

outside rennaissance place a beautiful wedding venue on a hot summer dayThe perk of a summer wedding date? The beautiful weather.  The downside of a summer wedding date? The hot weather. Here’s how to enjoy the beautiful weather of your summer wedding—without worrying about melting (and that applies to you and your guests!).

Include cool treats in your wedding cuisine

Cool wedding treats, such as cool drinks or sundae bar, can be a real hit with your guests looking for relief from the heat—and play up your summer wedding theme.  If you have a specific cool wedding treat made by your favorite caterer, look for a wedding venue with an open vendor policy. An open vendor policy allows you to bring your caterer in so you can enjoy your favorite cool appetizer, dessert, or drink on your special day.

Choose a cool wedding venue

Add another item to your wedding venue checklist: air conditioning.  The perfect wedding venue is beautiful and cool during a summer wedding, allowing your guests (and you!) a reprieve from the hot and humid weather.

bride and groom dancing at summer wedding reception in wedding venue with air conditionerIf you’re really worried about the summer heat, try to plan as much of your summer wedding indoors.  Plan your wedding at multiple indoor locations or find a gorgeous venue that allows you to hold your ceremony and reception indoors.

Buy a dress (and make up!) that won’t overheat

We once know a bride who was dying to have a velvet dress—so much so that she had one specially made for her fall wedding.  While it was comfortable during her outdoor photos, she spent the rest of the night sweating under her heavy wedding dress.

Learn from our velvet-clad bride; choose a wedding dress that keeps you cool (or as cool as possible) on your wedding day.  Try to avoid long sleeves or heavy fabrics that’ll trap the heat.  Avoid putting on your dress until you absolutely have to, so you can stay comfortable in cooler attire.  Another option is to buy a second and lighter dress just for the reception—perhaps with a shorter hem?

Be kind to your wedding party

As much as your wedding attendants love you, no one wants to stand outside for pictures in heavy dresses and jackets.  If you are planning a more informal wedding, plan to have groomsmen in attire that doesn’t include heavy jackets.  Give your bridesmaids the same consideration, and give them fancy flip flops for the ceremony or reception.

In addition to attire, keep your wedding party well hydrated with water bottles that are easy to grab throughout the day.  (And, no, beer does not count as hydration.)

Take care of your guests with favors

Think of your guests when you choose your favors; mints or frames won’t keep them cool at your summer wedding. Instead, consider cool summer favors such as mini water bottles or popsicles. Create wedding programs that can transform into a fan during the ceremony and at dinner.

6 Ways to Make Your Wedding Guests Feel Welcome

chalk sign on sidewalk to welcome wedding guestsBefore your first dance, before you say one word at your wedding ceremony, before you even arrive at your wedding reception, you have many opportunities to welcome your wedding guests—and to keep doing so throughout your wedding ceremony and reception.

Choose a convenient wedding venue

Keep your guests’ best interests at heart when making big decisions, like selecting your wedding venue.  Choose a guest-friendly venue that is conveniently located, has free parking, or is close to local hotels, like 1451 Renaissance Place.  Make sure your wedding venue is large enough so everyone has enough arm room (the term “like a sardine” should not be used to describe your venue), an incredible atmosphere, and has all the spaces (changing area, foyer, ceremony site, dance floor, etc.) you need to make your night—and your guests’ experience—incredible.

Give them ALL the information they need

cookies for wedding guestsUse a mixture of paper and technology to inform your guests of ALL the details: logistics, ceremony and reception venue details, local hotels, parking, etc.  Set up a website, use social media, and send out detailed invitations to ensure that your guests know what to expect and where to go—one of the best ways you can make them feel welcome before they walk into your wedding.

Take song requests

Make your guests feel part of the festivities by asking for their song requests. You can do this on the RSVP cards your guests send back, or in a neat display at your wedding.

Welcome them with a customized sign

place cards to welcome wedding guestsThis is a DIY project that can be uniquely you, or a fun customized purchase uniquely designed for your wedding. If you are hosting a wedding with a lot of pearls, make or buy a sign with pearls around the frame and a custom message for your guests. If you make the sign with a generic message such as “Welcome to the newest Mr. & Mrs.” you can even use the sign in your home after the wedding.

Feed them

The old saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” applies to all your wedding guests (male and female).  Choose a quality caterer (and a venue that lets you select and bring in the right caterer), and make sure your guests have fuel to keep dancing through the night.  Serve late night snacks—or another late-night course—to keep your dance floor going.

Give them gifts

wedding favorsLeave little favors at the entrance, or on tables around the reception that fit with your wedding décor, and who you are as a couple. If you have guests from out of town, reach out to them with a customized packet of maps and information about the area.  Give one of the most important part of your big day—your wedding party—gifts that make them feel appreciated.  For other ideas, use one of these ideas for wedding favors or consult the experts for welcoming gift ideas that are uniquely you.