6 Winter Wedding Ideas

winter wedding ideasWinter wedding wonderland. Cozy holiday gathering. Nutcracker theme. Your holiday wedding could go in a million different directions with ice bars, crystals, pearls, snowflakes, white roses, red roses…the list could go on and on of winter wedding ideas. You could choose all of the above, but you don’t want your wedding to look like a mishmash affair without a clear direction. How do you choose the right winter wedding touches for your unique winter wedding? Use our list of winter wedding ideas to find the winter wedding touch that you can hang your hat on, and the direction of your winter wedding.

Touches of cranberry

For a warm holiday feel, incorporate touches of cranberry into your wedding decor: in the flowers in the centerpieces, in water with candles, in bouquets. Carry the color into your cake, chair ribbons, dresses—even in the color of your cocktails or champagne. You can use this touch of cranberry as much as you want: as subtle touches in your all white winter wedding, or extensively in your bridesmaid dresses, bouquets, invitations, centerpieces, etc.


Nothing brings a touch of holiday class to a wedding reception than holiday glass balls. Choose the color of your ornament décor—gold, red, blue, purple—and use them in your centerpieces, as accents on your chair wraps, on the tables, in the welcome area.

Hot chocolate/hot cocoa bar

Want to give your guests a warm inviting feel at your wedding? Want to bring back memories of cold winter nights with a cup of hot cocoa? No matter what you call it, a hot chocolate or hot cocoa bar is a wonderful way to warm your guests up after venturing out into the cold to your wedding. Set up a hot cocoa bar as a way of welcome, farewell (as a favor to take home), as a side table at your wedding, or as an individual kit at each place setting.

cookies for wedding guestsWinter/holiday candy table

Candy canes, fudge, peppermint bark, sugar cookies…imagine your favorite holiday candies laid out on a table around a gingerbread house centerpiece surrounded by Christmas lights. Or create a centerpiece out of a vase filled with lights, and jars or vases of your favorite holiday candies. Whatever vision of sugar plums is dancing in your head, it’s the perfect way to sweeten up your guests, and to take home in small personalized boxes or bags.


If holiday trees are a mainstay of your childhood memories, and you want to incorporate that feel into your wedding, use pine boughs as a subtle part of your décor. A sprig of pine at each place setting, or a decorated pine cone that shimmers in the candle light, or mix them in ornaments, cranberries and other holiday wedding décor….there are a lot of opportunities to bring your favorite holiday tree into your wedding.

winter wedding ideasGlimmer of fallen snow

Obviously you can’t ask for a soft blanket of snow outside, but you can recreate that feeling inside your wedding venue. Think white, sparkly pinecones and beautiful white décor, candles, strategic lighting, crystals—anything that can give your wedding celebration the sparkle that you get after a winter snow fall.

Once you’ve chosen the direction of your winter wedding, choose a wedding venue that makes the perfect background. If you need event planning services to make your winter wedding vision come to life, contact a wedding venue that offers event planners on-staff. Together with your event planner, you can choose the touch, or touches, that make your winter wedding your own version of a winter wedding.