Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Right Wedding Reception Hall

wedding venue Milwaukee WIIn some ways, we’re all beginners in choosing the right wedding reception hall for your big day. Every wedding day is a beautiful, and unique, opportunity to celebrate your union with your family and friends. As the wedding reception hall whose job it is to make your dream day a reality, we know how overwhelming wedding planning can be, and especially how hard it is choosing the right wedding reception hall—the crux of your dream wedding. So what factors should play a part in choosing the right wedding reception hall?

  • Date. There are two ways to use your date to find the right wedding reception hall. First you can have several dates available and contact reception halls about what dates are open. If your heart is set on a reception hall and date, reserve the hall on that specific date as soon as possible (years in advance)—or ask for open dates and choose that date for your wedding. The second option is to set your dates and contact halls about that date. Once you know the facility is available, you can set up appointments to tour the sites that have your ideal date available.
  • Your wedding day needs. Do you need a ceremony and reception site? Ask about the size of the wedding reception hall. Do you need accommodations for out-of-town guests? Use a map to make sure the reception hall is close to hotels. Do you need a caterer? Ask the hall manager about what services they provide. Do you have a caterer or other vendor that you want to use? If you have a vendor, you want to use, contact wedding reception halls and ask what vendors they allow in to their facility. A few facilities even have an open door policy, and allow any vendor in to their reception hall. Does the reception hall have space for all your guests? To find the right site for your wedding, make a list of questions and your needs for the wedding. Ask the manager at each reception hall the questions before you tour the hall. If the venue won’t allow your preferred caterer, there is no reason to go visit.
  • Your style. Are you a couple with traditional tastes? Do you like historic facilities? Prefer a barn out in the country? Talk with your fiancé about what kind of wedding he or she envisions to make sure you are contacting and visiting reception halls that match your tastes and style.
  • Set your budget for your reception hall. As you research facilities, ask for pricing information so you have a clear idea of all expenses. If you are looking for a way to save money, ask about the reception hall weekday rates, set your wedding on a Friday or Sunday or use one of these tips to keep your budget intact.
  • How much planning help you need. Are you busy and need help with coordinating your wedding? Ask each reception hall about wedding planning services.
  • Handicap accessibility. If you have friends or family with mobility issues, keep them in mind as you choose your reception hall. Remember you have options. Thinking about handicap accessibility now can ensure that everything goes smoothly on your wedding day.

Here’s a factor that shouldn’t be part of choosing the right wedding reception: procrastination. Since the wedding reception hall is such a vital part of your wedding day, don’t delay contacting local wedding reception halls to set up an appointment (even via social media!) or checking their Facebook pages about open house dates. An open house is a unique opportunity to see the wedding reception hall, get a full tour, talk with vendors and even enjoy refreshments. It’s also the chance of a lifetime to envision your big day, and decide what wedding reception hall is the right location for one of the most important days of your life.