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7 Winter Wedding Do’s and Don’ts Your Guests Appreciate

winter wedding venue feature wall with beads and uplightingThere are some wonderful winter wedding ideas on the web (like these winter wedding ideas). While guests love every one, we’re focusing on those winter wedding planning steps that your guests really appreciate—especially on one of our freezing Wisconsin winter days.

DO warm them up.

We’re stating the obvious: it’s cold outside! Winter weather can be cold, snowy, wet—or all of the above. Don’t leave guests out in the cold. Take steps to warm them up as soon as they walk in the door; welcome them with a warm fire (add that to your wedding venue checklist) and serve them warm beverages and refreshments. Remember, that a cozy welcome shouldn’t turn into toasty wedding reception; take steps to keep guests comfortable so they enjoy themselves.

DON’T make guests trudge (too far) through the snow.

Nothing can put a damper on the evening like ruining guests’ best dancing shoes. When choosing a winter wedding venue, make sure you ask about available parking. Make your guests’ night; choose a wedding venue with an incredibly close parking lot so your guests have a short walk in the cold winter weather. (If you want to make the winter weather commute even easier, hold your ceremony and reception at the same wedding venue.)

DO choose the right venue for a beautiful winter wedding.

Choosing the right wedding venue is important part of any season wedding planning; a winter wedding deserves no less. Use this checklist for singling out the right wedding venue for your big day—and don’t mark a beautiful venue exterior off the list just because of the weather. Some of the most beautiful photos are taken outside (especially with beautiful shawls and accessories!) in the winter weather.

DON’T feel you have to plan a winter wedding all yourself.

Planning a winter wedding can feel overwhelming. There are so many winter wedding details to coordinate! To de-stress the process, take a break from the wedding planning (use this list of local de-stressing ideas in Milwaukee!) and don’t hesitate to ask for help. If you want professional assistance, hire a wedding planner or select a wedding venue with experienced planners that are intimately familiar with the venue, local vendors, and the wedding planning process.   

DO get inspired by the beautiful season.

Every couple chooses a winter wedding date for a different reason: to commemorate a certain date, because it’s their “down time,” beautiful wedding venues tend to have more wedding dates, they love the season…the list goes on and on. Whatever the reason, once you’ve chosen a winter wedding date, indulge the season as you plan BUT don’t feel confined by it. Winter weddings can still be colorful and diverse events; not every winter wedding has to be pure white or holiday-themed. Have fun with creating a beautiful winter wedding day.

DON’T neglect your bridesmaids.

Hopefully, you chose your bridesmaids because you prize them. Make them feel like prized guests on the wedding day—no matter how cold it is! Provide transportation so they don’t have to brave the cold weather. When they do need to stand in the cold (like for beautiful wedding photos!), provide fashionable weather accessories that keep them snug and warm. Your bridesmaids are going to appreciate shawls, muffs, mittens, hats…anything cozy and warm.

DO decide on the right winter wedding favor.

A winter wedding comes with incredible opportunities: beautiful winter wedding décor, scrumptious seasonal wedding menu dishes, and unique winter wedding favors. Think hot cocoa kits (with all the fixings), mittens, holiday ornaments, blankets, fire starters…the options for winter wedding favors are as numerous as the snowflakes during a blizzard (these winter wedding favor ideas can inspire you).

5 Ways to Warm Up Your Winter Wedding

No matter how hard you try to make it easy for guests to get to your winter wedding (i.e. choosing a venue with convenient parking, taxis, etc.), you can’t deny that winter is cold with a capital C.  It’s your job to help your wedding guests thaw and feel the warmth of winter (think warm winter evenings around the fire).  Here are some ways you can warm up your guests and make them feel cozy and appreciated.

welcoming wedding venue foyer with warm fireplace

Give them a warm welcome.

Your first chance to warm your guests comes the moment they walk in the door.  Make the foyer of your wedding venue feel cozy and warm.  Choose a venue with a fireplace with a warm glow.  Give your guests the chance to gather and mingle around the fire before they head into your reception hall.

Warm up their hands with a hot drink.

Make your guests feel warm inside and out.  Include a coffee bar in your wedding reception plans, or serve hot apple cider at the bar (don’t forget to offer cinnamon sticks!).  For a sweeter touch, include a hot cocoa bar with all the garnishes: peppermints, cream, chocolate chips, mint, sprinkles, and any other favorite cocoa extras.

1451 Rennaissance Place in Milwaukee with dramatic uplighting and crystal candles

Create a warm glow.

You don’t want your guests to stay huddled around the fireplace all night. Recreate the glow of a warm evening fire with candles, lanterns, and soft lighting.  Use candles on the tables, metallic vases, and crystals to make the light from the candles into a soft glow. Your guests’ll feel warmer the moment they walk in and start to experience your warm atmosphere.

Finish your meal with a warm dessert.

Instead of the usual wedding cake, opt for a warm dessert that your guests’ll love.  S’mores can be perfect for a rustic or more elegant wedding; just ask your caterer to make a warm s’more dessert with a stylish (and yummy) aesthetic.  For a cozy touch, opt for pies, fruit tarts, or warm donuts.

End the night with a favor that warms them all the way to the core.

simple elegant wedding centerpieces with silver vases and purple rosesBefore your guests go, give them something that’ll keep them warm on their way home. Mittens or muffs (think of the old covers that you see in the paintings of ice skaters) can be perfect for a vintage wedding.  Hot packs that your guests can snap and heat are very appreciated when the night temperatures hit frigid.  If you want your guests to keep warm at home, send them sweet wishes with a packet of hot chocolate or s’mores.  For a very cozy touch, give them a personalized throw to cuddle up with on a cold night—just like you and your new spouse will be after your winter wedding is over.