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Engaged? Use these 10 Essential Wedding Planning Tips

bride and groom dancing at summer wedding reception in beautiful wedding venueFrom the moment couples announce their engagement, the advice starts coming in (and never seems to stop). Suddenly, everyone has an idea for your wedding—and there are a million ways to use all that advice. When it comes down to it, though, you don’t need all that wedding advice (good news!), just a few basic tips that can guide planning the special day of your dreams.

Don’t procrastinate.

Wedding planning can be a lot less stressful by checking off a few of the wedding planning tasks now (here are the first few wedding planning tasks to get you started). As an extra bonus, booking the right wedding venue and vendors guarantees that you get the site, caterer, and photographer that you want. As you start planning, don’t feel that you need to have an exact wedding date. It can be easier to get the venue and vendors you want if you are flexible about dates (“what dates are you available?”) and only have a month or season in mind (use these tips to choose the right wedding date).

Stay organized.

We’re not going to lie: there are a lot of steps to wedding planning. It can be overwhelming—and completely doable if you stay organized. Use this wedding planning checklist and these tips to stay on top of your wedding planning. If family or friends ask to help, give them a deadline to ensure that the task is done and checked off the list.

If hiring a wedding planner, choose the right level of wedding planning.

Most couples assume that a wedding planner is a one-size-fits-all service that completely takes over. In reality, there are full-service wedding planners that can attend to every detail and part-time planners that can assist throughout the process. Decide which type of planning fits your wedding and your lifestyle early in the process and add it to your to-do list (or criteria for your wedding venue). This can help you decide between two planners or venues (some venues offer on-staff wedding planners that are intimately familiar with the venue and local vendors).

Select your venue carefully.

There are a lot of big wedding planning decisions; one of the biggest is the wedding venue because it dictates all the other wedding day details. The best piece of wedding planning advice: consider your options for a wedding venue carefully. Use this wedding venue checklist and these questions to select the best wedding venue for your special day. Don’t choose a wedding venue until you’ve seen it; online photos can be misleading. Schedule a tour (or ask a family member or planner if you can’t) to ensure that the wedding venue is the right one.

Let everyone know that you have a favorite vendor.

Assumptions are the enemy during wedding planning; don’t assume you can bring in your favorite caterer or décor caterer you would love to use. Make sure you ask the venue if they have an open vendor policy, which allows couples to bring in their preferred vendors. If hiring a wedding planner, let them know right away that you have a vendor in mind so they can factor that into the planning process.

Draft a guest list early in the process.

As you go through the wedding planning process, you’ll find that two key points keep coming up: date and amount of guests. While you don’t have to get a final guest list nailed down, it does make cents (pun intended) to set an estimated guest list. As you plan, decide whether you want an adults-only wedding or a kids included guest list. This simple step can help you as you make key wedding planning decisions—and save you from heartache. You don’t want to fall in love with a wedding venue that doesn’t have enough room for your guests.

Make guest comfort a priority.

Your big day is all about you, but the people you want to join you celebrating should be a focus too. Keep your guests in mind as you plan. Choose a venue with enough space and all the amenities that your guests appreciate. Little things matter, like a venue with convenient parking and transportation so guests don’t have to tramp for miles to your big day. An open-bar policy can also be a touchy subject for guests; decide early what your preference is and communicate the specifics on your wedding website. You’d be surprised too how those little things can stick with you; the smallest details, like a late-night food course, can be the detail that guests talk about for years.

Decide on a budget ASAP.

A wedding budget should not be an afterthought. Have a conversation with your significant other and anyone else that has expressed an interest in contributing to your big day. (As long as you are opening the lines of communication, discuss these key points before you delve into wedding planning.) Decide on a wedding budget (this wedding budget checklist can help) and be open about issues that may arise, such as credit problems or credit card limits.

Pack an emergency wedding kit for your big day.

An emergency wedding kit may seem like a small detail, but one with big implications. Make sure you pack these wedding essentials for those “just in case” situations, such as bad weather, a rip or tear, or any other unpleasant problems that come up. In your wedding kit, too, plan on putting payments for vendors and any last-minute items you need for the day (use this list of wedding kit essentials).

Enjoy yourself.

A wedding is a celebration. Enjoy it—and the process to get to your big day! When you feel overwhelmed, use these tips for de-stressing or spend some time relaxing with these de-stressing ideas. Once all the planning is over, take a deep breath and use these last-minute preps to ensure that you are enjoying every moment of the biggest day of your life.

5 Must-Haves You SHOULD Expect From Your Wedding Venue

wedding venue Milwaukee WIYou have every right to set your expectations high for your wedding venue (unless you’re using Uncle Lester’s barn for free!). After all, this is the wedding setting for your big day, and—depending on your wedding schedule—may even be the venue where you say your vows and host your wedding reception. Don’t get us wrong, that doesn’t mean you can turn into a Bridezilla, but it does mean that you should include these five ‘must-haves’ on your wedding venue list:

A full tour

Note the word ‘full.’ You should get a complete tour of the reception hall before your wedding, including the place where you and your attendants would be getting ready. If you want to see the hall look its best, and get other ideas for your wedding, check to see if your preferred wedding venues host open houses. Often, you can find the open house dates on their website or social media site (1451 Renaissance Place announces upcoming open houses on their Facebook page and website.)

Pre-wedding coordination

Even if your event staff is not full-time, they should be open to assisting with coordinating your vendors. At some point before and on your wedding day, you’re going to need some assistance pulling it all together: the caterer coming in, decorating, cake drop off, etc. If you want to select those vendors, choose a venue with an open vendor policy. And if you need assistance selecting and a full-service coordination, select a venue with an event planner on staff.

Excellent service

Whether your wedding venue outsources their coat check or bar staff, or uses in-house staff, you and your guests deserve excellent service on your big day. If you as a couple would like servers exclusive to your event, look for a wedding venue that hosts one event at a time. Once you find the venue, if you have any special requests for them, discuss your requests with them as early as possible in the planning.

A contact on the day of the wedding

Emergencies happen, even on your wedding day. The cake drop off time changes. Your entertainment act needs more than anticipated. This is when it’s nice to have a contact that can be reached at any time on your wedding day—and only one contact.

A reply to your initial inquiry

You shouldn’t have to call multiple times or send tons of Facebook messages to get a response from your wedding venue. Once you identify the area or areas you want to get married in, start contacting wedding venues about your preferred date (or dates). If you want to get married in Milwaukee, contact 1451 Renaissance Place via email or on our Facebook page. We can give you everything you should expect in a wedding venue—and more.

6 Ways to De-stress Your Wedding Planning

wedding planningWedding planning is stressful. There, we’ve said it. You could elope to Vegas like our cousin did…even then, her wedding planning turned stressful when her mother had a fit about the secret wedding ceremony. Once her mom calmed down, she insisted upon a proper wedding reception to celebrate, which led to…stressful wedding planning. It seems no matter what you do, you can’t get away from the stress that comes with trying to turn your vision into a beautiful reality.

However, there are a few things you can do to reduce the amount of stress associated with your big day. While you can’t force your bridesmaids to stop squabbling or your DIY wedding favors to turn out exactly like the Pinterest pics, you can take a few steps to simplify your wedding planning, and take some stress out of preparing for your big day:

  1. Hold your ceremony and reception at the same venue. Choose a wedding venue that can do both, so you can minimize costs and eliminate the need for arranging for transportation for your wedding party.
  2. Choose a wedding venue with an on-site wedding planner. If you’ve got a busy professional schedule, or just feel that you need as much assistance as possible from an experienced expert, search for a wedding venue with an on-site event or wedding planner. The added bonus of this arrangement is that the wedding planner is from the venue, meaning they know everything there is to know about the venue—as well as knowledge of local vendors and recommendations from what they’ve seen at previous weddings.
  3. Get as much done ahead of schedule. Try to do as much of the wedding planning as early as possible. Another idea: make sure you put payments for vendors, such as officiants and accompanists, in envelopes with their names on it so you’re prepared.
  4. View your wedding as a team event. Ask trusted friends or family members to help with preparations and final details on the day of the wedding. If you choose a wedding venue with a wedding planner on-site, you also have a dedicated assistant on your wedding day.
  5. Stay within your budget, and adjust accordingly. Set a budget amount ahead of time, and keep careful records so you stay under that number. If you choose a wedding venue that gives you an estimate of costs before your wedding, you can also make changes before your wedding that keep you on track with your budget.
  6. Plan some time away from wedding planning. Starting to feel burned out? Don’t be afraid to take some time away from your wedding planning. Take an occasional day at the spa, or out with your friends, as a chance to unwind—away from the wedding planning.

Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. If you feel lost, don’t hesitate to reach out to friends or family. Once you’ve chosen your beautiful wedding venue, contact staff members at the wedding venue for ideas and assistance via email or on Facebook. They’ve got experience with event planning and can recommend local vendors that fit your needs. With their help, you can make your vision of a beautiful wedding day a reality—hopefully without added stress and drama.