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21 (Fun!) Wedding Reception Surprise Ideas


bride above a beautiful wedding receptionEveryone loves a surprise—especially when you include a surprise into plans for your big day.  Suddenly, your big day becomes bigger (or at least your guests’ eyes do when they see your surprise!) and different. As an added benefit, you can customize your wedding day surprise to something entirely you.

So without further ado, here are a list of fun wedding reception surprise ideas that you can customize into an amazement that fits your personality and your big day:

chalk sign on sidewalk to welcome wedding guests

  1. Surprise them at the door with a fun mural, backdrop, or drawing
  2. Have the happy couple arrive in an unusual vehicle (i.e. in an old car, in a carriage, etc.)
  3. Host a beer (this is Milwaukee, after all!) or wine tasting
  4. Serve a surprise dish
  5. Schedule an appearance by a celebrity impersonator
  6. Have an unexpected friend or family (that you didn’t expect) appear on the dance floor (or on a video call!)
  7. Break out a fun (well-practiced) dance routine by the bride and groom (or father-daughter or mother-son dance)
  8. Have a favorite sports mascot crash the party
  9. Include surprise entertainers in the night that reflect your heritage
  10. Make your awesome dessert part of your décor (i.e. donut wall, interactive dessert food station)
  11. Have one of the newlyweds appear unexpectedly during the reception (coordinate the appearance with the DJ or band)
  12. Add sparklers or fireworks to the night’s festivities (ask your venue about limitations first!)
  13. Give your guests dinner and a surprise show (hire entertainers to make it happen!)
  14. Make a (cool!) wardrobe statement with an unusual dress or dress change
  15. Turn your reception into a trivia night
  16. Confetti drop (outside or on the dance floor-ask your venue to ensure it is allowed)mandap with floral garland
  17. Make a statement with décor in a big way
  18. Give your guests unexpected wedding favors
  19. Host a (surprise) game show
  20. Play dance floor games
  21. Tell your guests thank you with a unique sign or message (i.e. in fortune cookies, with elegant cards set up with each word, etc.)

5 Ways to Add Romance to Your Wedding Reception


You don’t have to have a Valentine’s Day wedding to make your guests feel the love that is in the air.  Choosing a romantic wedding venue as the ultimate backdrop and including these romantic wedding reception touches in your wedding décor can make your reception ooze romance.

couple cutting cake on wedding dateFlower petals

Flower petals on your cake table, on the tables, down the aisle during your ceremony…flower petals add a romantic touch throughout your wedding day.  Use flower petals that coordinate with your overall wedding décor to create a wonderful romantic atmosphere.

beautiful wedding venue for romantic wedding

Romantic lighting

Candles, lanterns, and lamps can give your wedding reception a mood that matches the romantic candlelight dinners you’ve had as a couple or the sweet evenings you’ve spent together.

heart cookies for wedding guests

Sweet treats

Give your guests a taste of the romance in your experience—and that doesn’t always have to be a cake.  Today’s weddings have been filled with some of the most romantic desserts, like chocolate covered strawberries, cheesecakes, and fudge-covered brownies.

romantic wedding decor with rose centerpieces


Roses are synonymous with love, which makes them an obvious choice for a romantic wedding reception.  Add them to your centerpieces, head table décor, and even as a cake topper to make sure your guests enjoy a night of romance.

wedding venue with dramatic backlighting and candles


Creating a romantic evening doesn’t mean you can’t give your evening a dramatic flair.  Choose a romantic wedding venue perfect for dramatic touches like uplighting and bright backdrops to give your guests a beautiful evening of romance.