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Tips for Planning a Fantastic Summer Wedding Reception


floral bouquet on table with sparkling back drop: outdoor touch for summer weddingOctober may be the “new June” for weddings, but summer is still a top choice for engaged couples. In a climate where it’s cold nine months out of the year, summer is the only time in Wisconsin when you can practically guarantee that you won’t need a coat or shawl over your wedding dress or tux. Sometimes, that warm weather can also venture into hot and humid territory—which is why you should use these tips to make your summer wedding as fantastic as the weather (even on the hottest days!).

Make guest comfort a priority

elegant lighted globe centerpiecesThe same warm summer weather that makes summer an ideal time for a wedding is also the same weather that can make a wedding unbearable. Wisconsin summers can get hot and muggy, turning a joyous occasion into a pool of sweat. Plan accordingly; choose an indoor venue with air conditioning that can make your guests want to dance and mingle instead of gathering around a fan. For an outdoor wedding, rent fans that can improve circulation and keep your guests cool.

Dress accordingly

No matter what time of year you shop for dresses and tuxes, keep in mind that your summer wedding could be hot (very hot!). Choose breathable fabrics so your time outside (and your attendants’ time) isn’t unbearable.

Be creative with your wedding favors

Practical and fun wedding favors are almost a must at a summer wedding. At a hot summer wedding, provide misters, cool drinks, or hand fans so your guests can stay cool in the heat. Even if your guests just have to walk to their cars in the parking lot, they’ll appreciate the gesture.

Have a plan B in case of inclement weather

outside rennaissance place a beautiful wedding venueAn outdoor wedding ceremony can be a beautiful event; it can also be a very wet and soggy challenge if a summer storm moves in (or it rains for days before your wedding). Instead of scrambling at the last minute, search for a wedding venue that has ceremony and reception space just in case you need to move your ceremony because of the wet weather.

Schedule the day’s activities with the weather

Don’t suffer—and make your attendants and guests suffer—through the highest heat of the day. Instead, craft a wedding schedule that takes into account the hot summer temperatures. Schedule photos and other outdoor activities for cooler parts of the day so you can cool down inside during the hottest temperatures.

Cool your guests down with seasonal drinks

One of the most fun part of a summer wedding is the drinks. Cool your guests down with lemonade, tropical mixed drinks, and water served with fresh fruit. In addition to being stylish and delicious, summer drinks keep your guests hydrated so they can enjoy your summer wedding reception.

Bring the outdoors in

birch containers with elegant wedding centerpiece

If you want the (cool) comfort of an indoor reception but the feel of a beautiful summer day, bring the outdoors in. Use tree bark, potted plants, topiaries, fresh flowers, and seasonal treats to make your guests feel like an outdoor summer  wedding.



Make your last course a refreshing treat

Every detail plays a part in creating a wonderful summer wedding reception, including a late-night course that keeps your guests dancing. Choose a late-night course that complements your wedding atmosphere, complete with the summer drinks that keep your guests hydrated and having fun.

5 Ways to Stay Cool at Your Summer Wedding


outside rennaissance place a beautiful wedding venue on a hot summer dayThe perk of a summer wedding date? The beautiful weather.  The downside of a summer wedding date? The hot weather. Here’s how to enjoy the beautiful weather of your summer wedding—without worrying about melting (and that applies to you and your guests!).

Include cool treats in your wedding cuisine

Cool wedding treats, such as cool drinks or sundae bar, can be a real hit with your guests looking for relief from the heat—and play up your summer wedding theme.  If you have a specific cool wedding treat made by your favorite caterer, look for a wedding venue with an open vendor policy. An open vendor policy allows you to bring your caterer in so you can enjoy your favorite cool appetizer, dessert, or drink on your special day.

Choose a cool wedding venue

Add another item to your wedding venue checklist: air conditioning.  The perfect wedding venue is beautiful and cool during a summer wedding, allowing your guests (and you!) a reprieve from the hot and humid weather.

bride and groom dancing at summer wedding reception in wedding venue with air conditionerIf you’re really worried about the summer heat, try to plan as much of your summer wedding indoors.  Plan your wedding at multiple indoor locations or find a gorgeous venue that allows you to hold your ceremony and reception indoors.

Buy a dress (and make up!) that won’t overheat

We once know a bride who was dying to have a velvet dress—so much so that she had one specially made for her fall wedding.  While it was comfortable during her outdoor photos, she spent the rest of the night sweating under her heavy wedding dress.

Learn from our velvet-clad bride; choose a wedding dress that keeps you cool (or as cool as possible) on your wedding day.  Try to avoid long sleeves or heavy fabrics that’ll trap the heat.  Avoid putting on your dress until you absolutely have to, so you can stay comfortable in cooler attire.  Another option is to buy a second and lighter dress just for the reception—perhaps with a shorter hem?

Be kind to your wedding party

As much as your wedding attendants love you, no one wants to stand outside for pictures in heavy dresses and jackets.  If you are planning a more informal wedding, plan to have groomsmen in attire that doesn’t include heavy jackets.  Give your bridesmaids the same consideration, and give them fancy flip flops for the ceremony or reception.

In addition to attire, keep your wedding party well hydrated with water bottles that are easy to grab throughout the day.  (And, no, beer does not count as hydration.)

Take care of your guests with favors

Think of your guests when you choose your favors; mints or frames won’t keep them cool at your summer wedding. Instead, consider cool summer favors such as mini water bottles or popsicles. Create wedding programs that can transform into a fan during the ceremony and at dinner.