Should you plan your wedding?

10632619_10152731218526803_2716563146322134270_nWhether you’ve been planning your wedding day since you were five, or have a low-key approach to wedding planning, you undoubtedly have some ideas about the ceremony, reception and dinner. But should you plan your wedding? Though it may seem odd to put your big day in someone else’s hands, hiring a wedding planner to manage the details does have some definite benefits. So why should you hire a wedding planner?

  • Wedding planners bring expertise & experience to your wedding. Feel overwhelmed? Don’t know where to start? Or do you need help bringing your ideas to life? A wedding planner can give you ideas, get your wedding planning started and make recommendations for vendors and style based on past experience.
  • Wedding planners are there through the process and on your big day. Working with a wedding planner gives you one person to contact from the beginning of your wedding planning until you’ve collapsed at the end of your wedding day (and even after).
  • Your wedding planning continues even when you travel and work. If you have a busy personal and professional life, a wedding planner can continue to work on setting details and following up with vendors while you are away.
  • Wedding planners can manage as many details as you need, and you can plan the rest. Hiring a wedding planner doesn’t mean you have to hand over every detail of your big day. You can still participate in the planning, and coordinate as many details of your wedding day as you want.

Located in scenic downtown Milwaukee, 1451 Renaissance Place offers on-site wedding planners, giving you the benefit of having a wedding planner that is familiar with your venue. And with 1451 Renaissance Place’s open vendor policy—allowing you to bring in any licensed caterer or vendor—your wedding can be as unique as you are with details that fit your style. If you feel you can’t bring that unique wedding to life, consider hiring a wedding planner. Contact 1451 Renaissance Place for details, and get your wedding planning process started so you can bring your special day, and unique ideas, to life.

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